There's No Shame

As I watched former Philippine president Joseph Estrada on TV talking about new advertisement that supposedly will show his serious side for his presidential bid campaign, I could not help but be amazed on how can he be so proud on running again for the same office. He was convicted of plunder for crying out loud!

One would think that because of his plunder case, people would stay away from him, would not think of voting for him. Sadly, I have seen hordes of people cheering him on showing their support. I could not help but wonder what has happened to a lot of my countrymen. They have forgotten the charges against Estrada. They have forgotten that public money was used for his own disposal while a lot of them cannot even get by a day with full meals.

Why so forgiving? Why so trusting when the courts have already proven that he's not trustworthy?

Erap's constant answer is he wants to help the Filipino people. Well, that is one stale line I don't want to hear from any politicians because almost always, they first help themselves before they even remember that they need to help the people. I really hope that come election day this May, the Filipino people shall vote more wisely.