Men And The Needles

I can only count on the fingers of my one hand the number of men I know who are not intimidated with needles. The rest, well…it’s either they would bawl their tonsils out (like the one guy I have seen this past weekend) once they get pricked or they would give all the reasons they can think of just to put about several feet away between them and the teeny-weeny needle.

What is it with the needles or injections that find men breathless, pale and worse, whiny? Sure, women do get intimidated with the needles too but hey, they don’t seem to whine more than men. I find it quite amusing. Whatever happened to machismo and such when the mere mention of needles and/or injections make the male species swoon breathless and look helpless. I wonder if there’s some kind of study about this. It would be interesting to know.