PhotoHunt#20 Thankful

Each time I count my blessings, “My Cup Runneth Over”.

Tudaya Falls, Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur

I have a lot to thank for in my life. I am even thankful of the trials and pains that I went through because without those I would have not known joy, happiness and triumph; I would not know how to appreciate what I have and what I can become. Without those, I would not be able to emphatize with people who are still suffering and I would not be able to want to help. I would not know the difference between needs and wants and I would not know that a lot of people are having a hard time putting food in their mouth while others throw away theirs without remorse.

I am thankful of my parents especially my mother who emphasized the value of honesty, education and hardwork.

I am thankful that I was able to travel to countries like USA, China, and Australia that taught me a lot about different people and their cultures.

I am thankful that I was able to explore a little bit of my country by mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. Our beaches are beautiful, the sceneries are magnificent, and our people warm and friendly.


Happiness is…

Ms Firefly is having a contest in celebration of her birthday last February 14. The contest rules are easy and you can check the details here.

Anyway, here goes mine. Happiness is…

1. Kayaking in El Nido, Palawan’s lagoons. Sweet, sweet serenity…
2. Helping unfortunate people even in little ways.
3. Having a good read now and then.
4. Being able to travel, whether just inside Philippines or other countries.
5. Learning new things from time to time to get my brain cells working.
6. My favorite foods: kare-kare, monggo and pansit
7. Being drenched in sweat after a good workout.
8. Dancing like nobody’s watching.
9. Singing ‘til my tonsils croak.
10. Seeing dolphins frolic in the wild.
11. Sweet hugs and kisses.
12. Watching our pets or any animals play.
13. Seeing and knowing that my family especially my parents are well and healthy.
14. Helping to build houses for the homeless thru the Gawad Kalinga program.
15. Finding blogs like that of Dr. Maithri that embodies positivity and triumphs over adversity and suffering, that not only foster awareness and involvement in helping alleviate poverty and suffering but also reminds me that there is more in other people’s worlds than in my world.
16. Learning more and being proud of my color, my heritage and my country.
17. Having good conversation with somebody it feels like a warm blanket enveloping my whole being.
18. Early morning and sunrise because it’s so quiet and beautiful and it always remind me that there’s always a new day no matter what happens.
19. Sunset by the beach, seeing how the combined colors of the sun, sky and the sea bathe the earth with incredible colors that remind me that there is God, that everything has their own endings and beginnings.
20. Mountain climbing and hiking because being one with nature is good for the soul and there is something about the activity that peaces out my inner turmoils.
21. Being by the beach.
22. Taking good photographs and sharing them with anybody.
23. Browsing through my old pictures and reminiscing the good old times.
24. Watching a good movie.
25. Finding a really good buy.
26. Receiving nice even sweet surprises from the snail mail.
27. Having a good laugh.
28. Smiles even laughter in the middle of adversity, pain, poverty and suffering.
29. Eating deep fried peanuts loaded with deep fried garlic downed with ice-cold coke.
30. Eating halo-halo on a hot, hot day.

For Little Ms. Firefly, belated happy birthday! May you always be blessed and may you have enough of everything.


Litratong Pinoy#40 Bulaklak(Flower)

Pangarap kong magkaroon ng sariling hardin na puno ng mga makukulay at mababangong bulaklak at mga punong humihitik sa bunga. Kaya naman, nang makita ko itong hardin na nakapaligid sa bahay ng Agong sa Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur, sobrang inggit at tuwa ang nadama ko.

Ang hardin ay meron pang estatuwa ng kilalang eskultor ng Dabaw na si Kublai at nang kanyang minamahal. Si Kublai mismo ang gumawa ng estatuwa.


I dream of having my own garden filled with colorful and beautiful flowers and trees full of fruits. That is why, when I saw this garden surrounding the Agong House in Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur, I felt envious and happy.

The garden also has a statue of the well-known Davao sculptor, Kublai, and his beloved. Kublai himself made the statue.


Litratong Pinoy#39 Tipanan

Matagal na akong nakakaranas na hindi makapunta sa isang tipanan. Dangan naman kasi, kailangan may katipan eh ang hirap atang hanapin iyon. Minsan, naisip ko maganda sigurong may makasama maliban sa aking mga kaibigan na mamasyal sa kung saan-saan, may makasabay matuto ng mga bagong bagay kaya ng scuba diving..

Translation: It has been a long time since I have gone somewhere for a date. It’s because it’s just difficult for me to find one. Sometimes, I thought it would be nice to have someone aside from friends to go with me everywhere, to learn new things together like scuba diving..

..o di kaya magparelaks-relaks sa isang magandang lugar kagaya nito…
..or to relax in a beautiful place like this…

at manood ng ganito kagandang takipsilim sa isang isla.

Translation: and then watch this beautiful sunset in an island.

February 25: Not A Holiday

It is now official, Malacanang Palace has announced that February 25 is not a holiday. This is to minimize the already long list of holidays we have in the country.

Here’s the list of the holidays as I gather them from the press release regarding PGMA’s

proclamation last December 24, 2008, laying out the holiday schedule for 2009.

Araw ng Kagitingan - April 6 (moved to the nearest Monday) - Regular Holiday

Maundy Thursday - April 9 - Regular Holiday

Good Friday - April 10 - Regular Holiday

Labor Day - May 1 - Regular Holiday

Independence Day - June 12 - Regular Holiday

Ninoy Aquino Day - August 21 - Special Non-Working Day

National Heroes Day - August 31 - Regular Holiday

November 1 - All Saints Day - Special Non-Working Day

November 2 - All Souls Day - Special Non-Working Day

Bonifacio Day - November 30 - Regular Holiday

Christmas Eve - December 24 - Special Non-Working Day

Christmas Day - December 25 - Regular Holiday

Rizal Day - December 30 - Regular Holiday

New Year’s Eve - December 31 - Special Non-Working Day

Just in case you are planning for a vacation trip, here is the list of long-weekend dates assuming that you don’t go to office on Saturdays and Sundays.

April 4 - 6

April 9 - 12

May 1 - 3

June 12 - 14

August 21 - 23

August 29 - 31

October 31 - November 2

November 28 - 30

December 24 - 27

December 30 - January 3, 2010


PhotoHunt#19 Nautical

This is some sort of a lighthouse near the port of Dapa, Siargao Island, Surigao, Philippines. At first, I could not make it out from the distance especially that it was partially covered in the early dawn fog at that time. It was only as we got near that I realized it has a light on top that could serve as a beacon or warning for the ships.

And, here is it's closer shot.

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Week In Review: There Is Hope

The past week has seen a lot of events that saddened and disheartened us. Thank goodness, there are moments of hope that remind us that no matter how bad things can become, it will get better.

Last Tuesday, more than 300 melon-head dolphins got stranded in Manila Bay starting at early morning. A very rare occurrence in this country, people flocked to see them swimming aimlessly in the bay. Thankfully, the coast guard, local fishermen and volunteers cooperated together to save them by guiding them and prodding them out to the open sea. While there were still the hard-headed onlookers that made the effort more difficult as the dolphins kept going back to the shore endangering themselves again and again, I was amazed by the concerted effort of a lot of people to save them. By late afternoon, most of the dolphins were on their way to China Sea except for the 3 dead and 1 injured (it is now under the care of Ocean Adventure).

Another bright hope is the rescue of a koala now named Sam in the bushfire by an Australian firefighter. The bushfire that killed almost 200 people with a whole lot more missing as of this time, also killed innumerable animals. The poor koala was found wandering in the bushfire with scorched paws and was given water by Firefighter David Tree.

And last but not the least, the approval by US congress of the stimulus bill does not only spells hope for the economic recovery of America but it also gives hope for the almost forgotten wartime promise by the US government. The bill includes a provision for the recognition of the Filipino veterans’ military service to the US during World War II. For the surviving 18,000-2,0000 veterans that originally numbered about 250,000 Filipinos that served alongside US soldiers to defend the Philippines from the 1941 Japanese invasion and subsequent occupation, their hopes are now being answered after several decades of waiting and suffering.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This is just so cute and adorable..

A good friend sent this prayer to me in time for Valentine’s Day…

Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man, who's not a creep,
One who's handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen long,
One who thinks before he speaks,
One who'll call, not wait for weeks.
I pray he's gainfully employed,
When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed.
Pulls out my chair and opens my door.
Massages my back and begs to do more.
Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind,
Knows what to answer to 'how big is my behind?'
I pray that this man will love me to no end,
And always be my very best friend.


To Get Back To School Or Not

I got a call last week from an old friend. It was a nice surprise to hear from him considering that it has been months since we last talked. We were quite busy with our individual lives that our promise to see each other from time to time went to naught.

The last time we talked, he mentioned about going back to school. He has his own business but somehow the current economic situation is making it difficult for him to get it going and he's starting to feel the need to acquire some additional skills and further education. We talked about his options and he wanted some flexibility to take care of his business and his family. He said he hated conventional classroom set-up when he was in college so he asked me what I think about online courses.

Personally, I am also thinking of going back to school just to get my brain cells working. I am not sure yet what course should I take but getting to an online university is one of the options. What I need to do first is to reconfigure my time with work and also, my finances, which I have been procrastinating forever to do.

As for my friend, he is leaning towards getting an online education. I wish him well.


Litratong Pinoy#38 Puso(Heart)

Natawa ako nang makita ko ito sa ibabaw ng lamesa ng isang kasama sa opisina. Pinag-ipunan niya ang gamit nang bala ng esteypler at ginawang hugis puso; para daw sa araw ng puso sabi niya.

Maligayang Araw ng Puso sa Lahat!!


I was amused when I saw this on top of the table of an officemate. She gathered the used staple wires and shaped it like a heart; in time for the day of the hearts, she said.

Happy Hearts Day to everyone!!


Negativity Is Not The Way To Do It

A report is going to be due tomorrow and I was asked by our superior today to tell this co-employee to do it. I approached him and started to explain how to get all the data he will need but instead I heard the words, “I do not know that, I cannot do it. It is difficult for me.”

How come he knew he could not do it when he did not even read the requirements yet? How come he knew it’s going to be difficult when he has not started yet? Would it be better if he try doing the report first before saying those words?

This co-employee is not even new in our company. He is with our company longer than most of us in the division did. Newer employees look up to him in seniority and guidance and then, we hear those words from him.

I knew better than to argue with him so I left the sample format on his table after briefly explaining how to get the needed data. All the while hoping that he will be more receptive in doing the simple report. It is actually more like doing data entry than doing some complicated report but he sure seemed bothered by it.

Negativity greatly affects our perspective in life; be it at work or even at play. People gravitate more to positivity. Life is already hard as it is and negativity is not the way to do it. Negativity hinders our growth. It closes us from better opportunities in life. It stops us in seeking what is out there, losing our sense of adventure. It stops us in enjoying life, learning new things, seeing more of the world around us, and even seeing the vision of the future. really, negativity is not the way to do it.

How else the phrase “Let’s do it” got so popular?


Janette's Very Cute Giveaway

I found Janette's blog while bloghopping. She is having some very cute giveaways for her Etsy store first anniversary. Here they are:

Aren't they cute?! I especially love the tile pendants. They are quite unique. Anyway, Janette will be drawing the winner on February 15. Go check it out.

Triple Award

I got this award from Abby. Thank you, girl.

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PhotoHunt#18 Bridge/s

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

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Litratong Pinoy#37 Tsokolate(Chocolate)

Tuwing nakakakita ako ng isang kahong tsokolate na gaya nito, naalala ko ang sinabi ni Forrest Gump, “Ang buhay ay parang isang kahon ng tsokolate. Hindi mo alam kung ano ang iyong makukuha.”

Tutuo nga naman, kaya naman natuto akong tumawa, magsumikap at maging positibo sa buhay.

Baka akalain ninyong bigay ito sa akin para sa araw ng mga puso, nagkakamali kayo. Bigay ito sa akin na malapit sa aking puso na hindi nagsasawang suplayan ako ng tsokolate kahit hindi araw ni Valentino.

Each time I see a box of chocolate like this, I remember what Forrest Gump said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Quite right, that is why I learned to laugh, to work more and to be positive in life.

You might think that this was given to me for the day of the hearts, you are wrong. This was given to me by somebody who is close to my heart who never fails to supply me with chocolates even if it is not Valentine’s day.


You Need Flu Vaccine For the Cold Weathers

That’s what my nurse-aunt reminded me a long time ago. I used to be uncaring of what type of vaccines I had and when were they administered; but when one of my nurse-aunts lectured us about the advantages of vaccines, I started to take notice.

Colds and flu are getting common nowadays because of the cold weather. That is why, last Saturday I convinced my parents to have their flu vaccine. I already took mine last December before I did my Shanghai travel. It was timely because when we got there, the weather was too cold that we had runny nose all the time.

So, for those who have yet to take their flu vaccine, you need flu vaccine for the cold weather because this kind of weather make people susceptible to colds, fever and flu.

Tennis and Golf Swings

A tennis player I met on the tennis court where I was playing once said to me that I have the potential to be a good golf player because I play tennis. He actually tried to convince me to get to the driving range and test his theory but I was just too busy with work that I have yet to know if what he told me was really true.

What is in tennis that could help me a better golf player than others? This tennis guy told me that because with tennis I was taught to swing properly, to use my body alignment to my advantage to hit the ball with force and with precision.

I have been watching professional tennis players especially the likes of the Williams sisters, Dinara Safina, Rafael Nadal, Andrei Agassi and the other world-renowed tennis players. Their swings and follow-throughs are just unbelievably awesome. I am just curious how they will fare should they try playing golf with those swings they have.

A cousin is telling me that she is thinking of telling her husband to play tennis first before he continues playing golf. His swing was so bad and each time he plays golf, he would come home cranky and humiliated afterwards. She thought that with tennis, his golf swing could improve. I told her that her husband just might improve his golf swings if he could try to do Golfkurs. In fact, they could do Golfurlaub should they proceed with their planned European holiday next year. Of course, he needs to pass Platzreife first but afterwards, I am sure he will immensely enjoy the holiday.

I heard the golf courses in Germany offers every amenities every golf player could ever dream of. Their golf schools also offer golf classes for everybody even for children. My cousin can even try playing golf so that she can play golf along with her husband.

Still, I am curious with the theory of the guy that tennis players can play better golf than others. I still have to test that theory.


Watch Australian Open Online

That was my must-do thing today after learning earlier that Serena Williams defeated Dinara Safina. Off I went to youtube and Serena just demolished Safina in two sets. I like Safina but she buckled under Serena’s powerful strokes.

I have yet to see the Federer-Nadal Australian Open finals though. I cannot find it in youtube.