Litratong Pinoy#2 Ihip ng Hangin

Ang hangin ay isang bagay na hindi natin napagtutuonan ng kaukurang pansin gaya ng ibang bagay. Nakakapagtaka, hindi ba? Samantalang ito ay sobrang mahalaga sa atin para tayo ay mabuhay. Dahil na rin siguro sa hindi natin ito basta-basta nakikita, nahahawakan o nararamdaman.
Maraming epekto o gamit ang hangin, gaya ng nasa unang larawan na kuha sa Batanes, Pilipinas. Kung titingnan, hindi mo malalamang malakas na malakas ang ihip ng hangin na kumusang maging halos pantay ang pagkakahiga ng mga damo sa bulubundukin. Dahil sa lakas ng ihip ng hangin sa pangalawang larawan, lumakas ang alon na nag-uunahang sumalpok sa batuhan sa dalampasigan. Hindi ba nakakatakot ang lakas na ipinapakita ng hangin? Puwede ring magamit ang lakas ng hangin para sa ibang bagay gaya ng pangatlong larawan na kuha pa rin sa Batanes. Ipinapakita rito ang paggamit sa hangin para kumuha ng enerhiya ng elektrisidad.

Air is something that we really do not give much proper attention to like the other things around us. Strange, isn’t it? When in fact, it is very important for us to live. Probably because we do not easily see, hold or feel it.
There are many effects or use of air as can be seen in the first picture taken in Batanes, Philippines. It cannot be seen or known that the wind was so strong that caused the grasses to lay flat straight on the rolling ground. In the second picture, the wind was also so strong that waves went rolling fast and hard to the rocks by the beach. Isn’t it scary to see the strength of the wind?The strength of the wind can also be used or harnessed as can be shown in the third picture also taken in Batanes. This shows the use of the wind to get the energy for electricity.


Cat poop coffee, anyone?

Yes, you heard it right. There is coffee from cat poop, and that coffee is considered one of the most coveted and most expensive coffee in the world fetching a price of up to $1,000 or more a kilo. Whaaaaat??? That was my reaction.

The cat is called palm civet (Paradoxus Philippinensis) or what is locally known in the Philippines as alamid. Belonging to the Viverridae family , the civet’s general appearance is cat-like but it is actually different from the cats. The civet is mostly known for its production of musk that is a highly-valued fragrance and stabilizing agent for perfume (Source: Wikipedia). Hunted for its meat in the wild by man and other animals, the civet has suffered steady decline of population until it got popular recently because of its tasteful “poop”.

So, why does it has to be cat’s poop? The civet or alamid knows how to choose the right coffee berries in its ripeness and goodness. Their usual coffee berry preference are Arabica and Robusta. The distinctive taste of the civet coffee comes from the stomach acids and enzymes that somehow affect the chemical structure and thus, the distinctive taste of the coffee beans excreted by the civet or alamid. Because the beans are indigestible, they were harvested (gathered and collected), cleaned, roasted, packed and sold to the market. Practised by the locals living near the forests and the highlands since long ago, it has never gotten popular until much recently. It has gained notoriety or shall we say, popularity when its precursor Indonesian Kopi Luwak has gotten worldwide attention that enterprising people in the Philippines started to explore and ask around considering that Indonesia has the same topography as that of the Philippines.

Locally called Kape Alamid, its recent popularity has helped reduce the hunting of the said animals. In fact, locals are now encouraged to capture and/or the alamid to farm their feces or poop.

Quite frankly, I have not tried the coffee yet. But should somebody buy it for me, I would try to taste it. People were saying it has a distinctive taste and aroma mixed chocolate and hazel nuts. Hm…I shall reserve judgment until I tasted it. Coffee, anyone?


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Siargao itinerary

Siargao is far different from the usual beach destinations in the Philippines. It still has its raw but simple ambience that is quite different from that of Boracay or Puerto Galera. Like Palawan, it has its off the beaten track places that are more known to the locals than the usual tourists. Personally, I would want Siargao to remain unchanged by development (except for the roads that could really hurt one's tail) as I don't want to happen to Siargao what happened to places like Boracay--overexposed and overused plus displaced locals all for the name of tourism development that are mostly unregulated and undisciplined. But am digressing…

Travelling to Surigao City from Davao will take about 7-8 hours which is quite an improvement from 10 hours. of travel about 4 or so years ago. Thanks a lot to the improved roads. We took the night bus to save time (you know, do the zzzzzzzzzz while the bus zooms away). Somebody suggested to rent a van but we deemed it dangerous to travel at night in a van, and of course, since we were traveling with 9 guys in a group with only 3 gals, the van would make us tight sardines inside it compared to a more comfortable airconditioned bus.
Hereunder is our itinerary:
03/19/2008 (Wednesday)
730pm-8:00pm – assembly at Mister Donut (beside gate of Ecoland terminal)
9:00pm–330am Davao - Butuan (Bachelor Bus aircon bus)
4am-620am(03/20/0 – Butuan – Surigao Bus terminal (Bachelor Bus de luxe)
aircon bus: P448(Davao-Butuan),deluxe bus: P119 (Butuan-Surigao)
Note: Jeepney ride from Surigao city terminal to downtown or Surigao port is P7.50 per person

03/20/08 (Thursday)
8am-11am Luneta Park, San Nicolas Church and Jollibee (for lunch)
12nn-410pm – Surigao City – Dapa, Siargao Is. (Roro-Montenegro Shipping Lines) P151.00 economy/P259 aircon
415pm-440pm – Dapa-General Luna(Jadestar Beach Resort) –
P500 per van or P150 per habal2
Jadestar Beach Resort rate:
P1,500 per cottage with aircon and bath (6-8pax)

03/21/08 (Friday)
Whole day island tour –P3,500 per van
Magpopongko Natural lagoon, Taktak falls, Pansukian Resort and mangrove forest, and Tuason Pt. (Cloud 9)

03/22/08 (Saturday)
Island hopping (3 islands + Sohoton cave) – P3,500(negotiable), (3 islands only) – P1,500

03/23/08 (Sunday)
5am-545am – GL-Dapa
6am-930am – Dapa-Surigao City
(Roro-Montenegro Shipping Lines) P151.00 economy/P259 aircon
brunch at Chowking upon arrival in Surigao City
1130am-2pm-Surigao-Butuan (Bachelor aircon bus. Aircon bus for Surigao-Davao will leave at 230pm)
230pm-800pm Butuan-Davao (Bachelor aircon bus)
aircon bus: P148 (Surigao-Butuan), P485 (Butuan-Davao)
Home sweet home!


Litratong Pinoy #1 Tubig (Water)

Ang pinakapaborito kong oras ng araw ay ang bukang liwayway at takipsilim. Sa bukang liwayway nakikita ko ang pagbabadya ng bagong araw at bagong pag-asa sa buhay. Sa bukang liwayway makikita ang pag-aagaw ng liwanag sa dilim. Ang litratong ito ay ang pantalan ng bayan ng Dapa, Siargao. Kinuha ito habang kami ay nakasakay na sa barkong pauwi papuntang siyudad ng Surigao galing sa isla ng Siargao. Makikitang ang tubig ay parang salamin ng lahat ng nasa ating kapaligiran. Kung sira ang kapaligiran, masisira din ang tubig na nagbibigay-tulong sa ating buhay at kabuhayan.

Translation: My favorite hour or time of day is sunrise and sunset. In sunrise, I can see the coming of a new day and a new hope in life. In sunrise, one can see that light overcomes darkness. This picture is of the port of Dapa, Siargao. This was taken while we were on board the ship on our way to Surigao City from Siargao Island. It can be seen that water is like a mirror of everything around us. If our surroundings get destroyed, water which helped us in our lives and livelihood will get destroyed too.

San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral, Surigao City

(last two pics courtesy of my friend, Lou)
These pictures were taken inside San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral of Surigao City. Since we arrived too early for RORO trip to Siargao which was scheduled at noon, we decided to explore Surigao City. About 4 years ago, we made do with the carenderias for our meals but now, Jollibee as well as Greenwich and Chowking are already doing business in the city. The city’s San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral is just around the corner and we decided to get in and took some pictures. In front of the church is the city’s plaza. It was raining but that did not stop us from taking pictures.

The city has improved since the last time we went there. There are now jeepneys plying around the city when there was just tricycles years ago. There are more well-known business establishments such as the fastfood chain stores I mentioned earlier. They have also improved their city ports and the city is relatively clean.
Surigao City is the capital city of Surigao del Norte province. Located at the northeastern tip of Mindanao Island, it is aptly called Gateway to Mindanao. It faces the Philippine Deep which is part of the Pacific Ocean. It is also blessed with natural resources such as abundant mineral resources, fertile lands, and vast fisheries and aquatic resources. It has been popular to the surfing aficionados for several years now due to its world famous Cloud 9 in Siargao Island. Lately, Siargao is starting to get popular in game fishing too. Aside from its surfing and game fishing adventures, the beaches of Surigao are world class.


Whirlpools at sea

The pictures were taken while we were on our way to Siargao Island. Siargao island is an island situated in the Philippine Sea, a part of the Pacific Ocean. It was rather eerie to see this whirlpools. The first time I got to Siargao Island years ago, I got curious with these whirlpools when the barge that we were in changed its course to avoid a rather big whirlpool swirling around. A local old man on his way home to Siargao Island was sitting beside us that time and told us that the reason that boats or in that case, our barge avoided the whirlpool as big as the one that we have seen was it could cause the boat to get sucked in. These whirlpools can be dangerous during stormy days. Anyway, during our trip we did not have any cause for worry about the whirlpool as the water was calm. We were fortunate too that there is now a bigger barge that plies the route from Surigao City-Siargao Island. The bigger barge is commonly called RORO (roll in, roll out). The RORO travels much slower (4 ½ hours) than the common barges or boats that ply the route (normally 2 ½-3 hours) but it is more popular as it is relatively bigger and you can actually take along your vehicles in it.


Magpopongko, Pilar, Siargao

This pic was taken last March 2008 in Magpopongko, Pilar, Siargao Island, Surigao.
Siargao Island is more known as the surfing capital of the Philippines but it has more to offer like this beach, game fishing, the seafood and more.
Will show more pictures on my next post.