PhotoHunt#32 Book(s)

I love books. If only I have time to read more, I would. My bookshelf got books still covered by the stores' plastic packages and they are increasing in number. If given the choice among books, latest clothes/shoes and travel, books will be my second choice while the first choice is travel.

When I was in college, my friends made it sure that my books were nowhere to be found if they want to talk to me properly. It was because I could get lost in my own world when I read.

Anyho...my latest book-crazy moment was just this year. I bought the Twilight book series but it was not easy because the copies were limited. So, I ended up calling Manila and Cebu just to find the copies. I called and called several bookstores until I was told when would the copies arrive in our city. But before that, i was already done reading the ebook version of these books, in 7 days . All of them. Still, I bought the paperback and yes, still in their store plastic packages. Yet to be opened. I shall read them days before the movie version of New Moon shall be soon.

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We Got Married – Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo

Before Kim Hyun Joong became Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers, he was part of the JoongBo couple of the Korean reality show, We Got Married. The concept of the show is to pair up famous Korean celebrities to show married life. Couples are given missions each week. Candid interviews of the participants are shown to reveal their thoughts and feelings about what they have experienced.

There are actually several couple-participants for the show but the JoongBo or Lettuce couple is the one that got really popular and was awarded the Best Couple Award. Here is their initial appearance:

Episode 9

Among the Boys Over Flowers (BOF) guys, Kim Hyun Joong/Ji Hoo is my favorite. Ji Hoo’s character in BOF is always dignified and in some instances, stoic. That is why his amused expression and smiles towards Jan Di are always something to be treasured.

To my surprise, the real character of Kim Hyun Joong as shown in We Got Married is a far cry from Ji Hoo and instead is quite similar to Goo Jun Pyo’s character (as portrayed by Lee Min Ho in BOF). Always quite funny with Hwang Bo in their scenes together, I find their segment quite interesting more than that of the other couples. I do not know how he did it but Hyun Joong has child-like innocence as well as the mature outlook of a guy with a good head on his shoulder which is really quite refreshing considering that he is quite popular via his being part of the hugely popular SS501 band.

Here is one of the JoongBo/Lettuce couple hilarious moments together:

Episode 14

Got New Hairstyle

I decided to have hair done last Friday and now, my hairbob is gone and in replacement is a shaggy cut. I really like it a lot as it frames my hair pretty well. I call my new haircut, Koreanpop haircut. It is because that cut is mostly seen from Korean pop stars I have been watching lately. Anyway, here's a Neero convo about hairstyles.

Now Is The Good Time

For those people who are planning to buy a house, experts say that now is the good time to buy. If you can afford, you can even buy more as future investments because there will come a time that the home prices will go up once the world economy recovers. Nowadays, home prices are at their most affordable prices and banks as well as creditors are offering their lowest interest rates ever to entice the market.

Not convinced? Check out the trade show displays of realtors and developers. Mortgage calculators will show that the monthly amortizations for housing loans are quite low compared to what it was a few years ago. Some creditors even offer freebies. Even government housing agencies’ exhibit booths are now more visible to market housing units and entice people to buy houses and/or get a mortgage. So, if you are getting tired of renting or living somebody else’s house, now is the good time to get your own.

By the way, I saw these logo floor mats in one of the real estate events recently and they can really catch attention. It would be nice if our office can have them around.


Litratong Pinoy#52 Alam Mo Ba? (Do you know?)

Most of us know that jellyfishes are nasty stingers. Some sting so badly, they could actually kill their prey with their tentacles. But do you know that there is a kind of jellyfish that do not sting at all and there is a place in the Philippines that is considered a jellyfish sanctuary.

Karamihan sa atin, alam na ang tama ng dikya ay sobrang sakit. Ang iba nga ay talagang nakakapatay ng kanilang biktima sa pamamagitan ng kanilang galamay. Pero alam ninyo bang may isang klase ng dikya na hindi nakakapanakit o nakakapangati at may isang lugar sa Pilipinas na sinasabing sanktwaryo ito ng mga dikya?

This place is at a lagoon considered by the locals there as enchanted. The lagoon is located at Sohoton Cove, Socorro, Bucas Grande Island, which is about 2-hour boat ride from the world-famous Siargao Island, the surfing capital of the Philippines.

Ang lugar na ito ay nasa lawa ng sinasabing engkantado ng mga lokal sa lugar. Ang lawa ay nasa Sohoton Cove, Socorro, Isla Bucas Grande, mga 2 oras sakay ng bangka ang layo galing sa kilala sa buong mundo na Isla ng Siargao, kapital ng surfing sa Pilipinas.

The number of jellyfish thriving inside the lagoon was quite amazing. We were initially scared to even touch the waters but due to some prodding from our local boatmen, some of us scooped them out by hand and took pictures. As for me, I figured a sting on the leg would be bearable than a sting on my hand.

Nakakamangha ang dami ng dikya na naninirahan doon sa lawa. Sa simula ay takot kaming hawakan kahit ang tubig na nilalanguyan nito at dahil na rin sa pagkumbinsi ng mga bangkerong taga-doon, ang iba sa amin ay kumuha sa kamay at naglitrato. Ako naman, mas naisip kong mas kaya kong tiisin ang sakit sa paa kaysa sa sakit sa kamay.

But for my braver companions, Lou and Ed, they decided to swim with the jellyfish..eeeeeeeek!

Pero mas matapang ang mga kasamang si Lou at Ed, nakipaglanguyan pa sa mga dikya..eeeek!

Be Original

Cee tagged me on this. Thanks a lot, Cee. I like this:)

What is Plagiarism?

According to Dictionary, Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.

To all Bloggers who exert effort to create noteworthy entries and who continue to maintain a Blog which is a reflection of who she / he is, " Good job! "

To those who have the desire to Blog but are merely scraping contents from other people' s materials, " Whether you are monetizing your site to help you with your basic needs or to satisfy some of your wants, do it the proper way. Stop making money out of someone else's work. Otherwise, you are nothing but a common thief!"

Am tagging all my blogger-friends for this.


Ruby Tuesday#1

One of the statues in Overview Park in Quezon, Bukidnon. All statues wear red clothes which is commonly the color preferred by indigenous tribes.

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Music Monday#4 Seasons of Love from Rent

This song is the opening song for the musical turned into movie, Rent. I find this song quite uplifting. Never fails to cheer me up:)

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PhotoHunt#31 Plastic

Plastic benches outside the kitchen of the house where we stayed in California made this tiny place restful and private.

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Hayden-Katrina Video Scandal

Whoever was in fault in the Hayden and Katrina video scandal, I hope they will go to jail soonest. Whatever will happen in the end, the shorter end of the stick goes to the involved ladies. Poor Katrina is now taking the cudgels against Hayden by asking the help of no less than the Senate and the feminist group, Gabriela.

This is not the end of story though, because I heard there are other video scandals involving Hayden, the most prominent one allegedly features Hayden Kho and Ruffa Mae Quinto.

I do hope the Senate will help not only Katrina. She has the edge for being a celebrity but there are other unknown Filipino ladies who are victims too.

Litratong Pinoy#51 Lahat Ay Payak (Everything Is Simple)

Everything is simple. No matter how we live our lives, no matter how we accummulate all we want. We all end up to something simple; back to the ground and back to where we came from.

This thought came to me a few days ago after visiting a colleague-friend. He had cancer and a few days after our visit, he died. He was young, full of plans and dreams and yet, something like death came. All his struggles, plans, hopes, and dreams ended with his death. In the end, everything is really simple.

Lahat ay payak. Paano man tayo mabuhay, kahit anumang paraan natin kinuha ang ating mga gusto. Nagtatapos tayong lahat sa isang simpleng bagay, balik sa lupa at balik sa ating pinanggalingan.

Napag-isip ko ito nitong nakaraang mga araw pagkatapos kong bisitahin ang isang katrabaho-kaibigan. May kanser siya at makalipas ang ilang araw mula sa aming bisita sa kanya, siya ay namatay. Bata pa siya, punung-puno ng mga plano at pangarap subali't dumating ang kamatayan. Lahat ng kanyang pakikipaglaban, plano, at pag-asa ay nawala sa kanyang pagkamatay. Sa bandang huli, lahat ay payak o simple.

Sunken Cemetery, Catarman, Camiguin Island
Overview Park, Palacapao, Bukidnon
When we visited Bukidnon a few weeks ago, I saw that everything is simple and people there live simpler lives while tending to their farms and spending more time with their families. We even saw women doing their laundries by the river while the kids were taking their baths nearby. I thought, a lot of us do not have have time to smell the flowers, enjoy the scenery and appreciate everything we are given while we are still alive. We better start doing it now.
Nang bumisita kami sa Bukidnon noong mga nakaraang linggo, nakita kong lahat ay payak at namumuhay nang mas simple ang mga tao habang nagtatrabaho sa bukid at kasa-kasama ang kanilang mga pamilya. May nakita pa kaming mga babaeng naglalaba sa sapa habang may mga batang naliligo sa malapit. Naisip kong marami sa atin ang walang panahon para umamoy ng bulaklak, ang magpakasaya sa tanawin at malugod sa lahat nang natanggap habang nabubuhay. Mas makakabuting mag-umpisa na ngayon.


Boys Over Flowers

I do not like the current schedule of Boys over Flowers, which is before TV Patrol. I wonder if ABS-CBN really thought about their move properly. Working people are still on their way home. Some, like me, are still working out at the gym. I would rather have it after Tayong Dalawa. Heck, who wants to play bingo at past 10pm??

Compared to a lot of people I know, I cannot technically call myself a Koreanovela fan. The only Korean telenovela that took my interest to finish it until it ended was the Princess Hours which was shown on TV last year. As for the other Korean telenovelas, I could not even distinguish who is who among the actors and actresses that have captured the fancy of millions of Filipinos.
Anyway, when Boys Over Flowers was being pitched extensively by ABS-CBN a few weeks ago, I could not even care less. However, when I incidentally watched its first day of showing last Monday while I was trying to update my blog, the show got my interest with the funny antics of Geum Jan-Di as played by Koo Hye-Seon.

So, off I go now to youtube to watch Boys Over Flowers. Thanks to youtube, I can watch Boys Over Flowers anytime I want :D

Music Monday#3 Dreaming of You, Selena

This is another all-time favorite of mine which was done by the Mexican singing superstar Selena.

Lyrics | Selena lyrics - Dreaming Of You lyrics
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PhotoHunt#30 Painted

The Bukidnon ladies with the little girl at the Overview Park. These painted sculptures stand by the cliffside overlooking the municipality of Manolo Fortich and its surrounding areas. Each sculpture which is garbed in traditional clothes have different facial features.

More pictures of the Overview Park here.
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Litratong Pinoy#50 Nang Matapos (When It Ended)

We had so much fun at the Overview Park and we stayed there more than we had planned. When it ended, we smelled and looked sweaty. So, we rested, had lunch and proceeded to Epol Waterfalls afterwards.

Pilipino: Masyado kaming nasiyahan sa Overview Park at tumagal doon nang higit sa aming pinlano. Nang matapos, kami ay nag-amoy at nagmukhang pawisan. Kaya, kami ay nagpahinga, nananghalian at dumiretso pagkatapos sa talon ng Epol.

Going to the waterfalls was not easy as it entailed going down from the provincial road through the forested trail. There were footholds along the way but as forest trails go, they were slippery, muddy (it has been raining every night back then) and caution was really needed going through the trail. Along the way, one can hear not only the birds chirping but also the sound of the waterfalls going louder and louder as we got nearer.

Pilipino: Hindi madali ang papunta sa talon at kailangang bumaba galing sa probinsiyal na kalsada at daraan sa landas na magubat. May mga tapakan ng paa papunta roon pero dahil nga sa magubat na lugar, ito ay madulas, maputik (panay ang ulan nang kung ilang gabi na ang nakaraan) at kailangan talagang mag-ingat sa daanan. Papunta roon, hindi lang mga ibon ang maririnig pati na rin ang palakas nang palakas na ingay ng talon habang kami ay papalapit.

When the trail ended, this was what we saw.... There were people before us enjoying the cool waters.

Pilipino: Sa katapusan ng daan, eto ang tumambad sa amin...May mga nauna na pala at masasayang naliligo sa malamig na tubig.
Epol Waterfalls,Marilog District,Davao City

Of course, we did take our turn....

Pilipino: Siyempre, hindi kami nagpahuli...
Smiling but were really, really cold. Nevertheless, we were able to take a bath, got cleaned and we got refreshed.

Pilipino: Nakangiti pero lamig na lamig iyan. Hindi na bale, kami ay nakapaligo, nakapaglinis at preskong-presko, pagkatapos.



8 Things

My new blogger-friend, Yami, tagged me this. Thank you so much!!

8 Things I'm looking Forward To:
Take my parents on a trip.
Learn some new things.
Save and invest for my future.
Travel more and learn more.
Grow old and still be useful.
Keep myself healthy.
More incomes from my blogging.
Live a full life.

8 Things I did yesterday
Updated my blogs.
Worked at the office.
Went to the gym after work.
Had dinner at Pablo's with family.
Watched Heroes on TV.
Looked at my Bukidnon-Epol pictures. (Have to decide which ones to be developed/printed).
Checked sites if I can have some opps.
Played with our new kittens, 5 of them.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
Find somebody who will love me and whom I can love without restrictions.
Travel the world.
Convince my mother to start travelling.
Get rich so that I can give more.
Finish all of my must-reads. I have lots of books that I bought that I have not read yet.
Revisit all the previous places that I have visited 10 years ago.
Renovate our house.

8 Shows I watch
Blood + or Blood Plus
Grey’s Anatomy
American Idol
TV News
National Geographics

8 people I tag
Abby, Shieryl, Junelle, Sunny, Meryl, Pchi, Tita Beng, Sheng


Music Monday#2 Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson

This song is usually used in our gym's group exercise's cool down music. I initially thought that the song was done by Beyonce but was pleasantly surprised to see it in youtube as Jennifer Hudson's. So, here it is...

Lyrics | Jennifer Hudson lyrics - Spotlight lyrics
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Happy Mother's Day!

To my mother and to all mothers out there:



PhotoHunt#29 In Memory Of

In memory of a day of so much fun and laughter I am featuring the pictures I took during our Bukidnon-Epol trip the other week.

In honor of the indigenous people of Bukidnon province, this park has about 50 sculptures of the people of Bukidnon all in varied carefree and happy poses. All of them were done by the well-known Davao-based sculptor Kublai Millan. The park is called Overview Park and is situated along the highway of Palacapao, Bukidnon and is a project of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

Overlooking the municipality of Manolo Fortich and its surrounding areas, the view from the park is really spectacular.

More pictures of the Overview Park here.
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Manny Pacquiao Is Going Home

Manny Pacquiao is going home and will arrive tomorrow. Inspite government's request to postpone his plans to come home, the world's current best pound for pound boxer and his entourage will come home. Stating that he and his group have been feeling well, the Pacman and his group will arrive tomorrow to a more subdued welcome due to the swine flu scare.

There will be no live media coverage and Pacquiao's group shall undergo the mandated thermal scanning and quarantine screening upon arrival. I do hope that Manny Pacquiao and his group will consider the self-imposed quarantine until they get cleared by the Department of Health.


Litratong Pinoy#49 Simula Pa Lamang(Just The Beginning)

I like postcards and I make it a point to buy one or two from places that I have visited. That is why when I saw bloggers talk about postcard exchanges, I decided to sign in with postcrossing.com sometime last month.

I excitedly sent postcards to different countries and apprehensively waited for my turn. Today, I received four postcards from: Germany, Austria, France and Taiwan. I was just so happy about it that I convinced my friends and colleagues to try postcrossing.com.

I shall be sending more postcards this week and I know, this is just the start of my new hobby.

To Hamburgo, Bettina, YaChu and Marie, thanks a lot!!

Pilipino Translation: Mahilig ako sa postcards at sinisiguro ko palaging may postcard na bili sa mga lugar na aking binisita. Kaya nang makita kong may mga bloggers na nagkuwento tungkol sa palitan ng postcards, nagdesisyon akong sumali sa postcrossing.com noong nakaraang buwan.

Eksayted akong nagpadala ng postcards sa iba’t-ibang bansa at alalang naghintay kung kailan naman ako ang tatanggap. Ngayong araw na ito, nakatanggap ako ng apat na postcards galing sa Alemanya, Austriya, Pranses at Taiwan. Ang saya-saya ko kaya’t kinumbinsi ko ang aking mga kaibigan at katrabaho na subukan ang postcrossing.com.

Magpapadala ako ng karagdagang postcards ngayong linggo at alam kong, simula pa lang ito ng aking bagong libangan.

Para kay Hamburgo, Bettina, YaChu and Marie, maraming salamat!!

They Need Our Prayers

I have been trying to start this post early tonight but I could not because I kept getting upset and sad about it. I have two colleagues that I worked closely years ago that are in need of our prayers.

Both have terminal illnesses; the guy with a colon cancer and the lady with ovarian cancer. Please include them in your parents they are in pain constantly and would need all their strength in handling their health. Their families also need our prayers as they are going through a lot nowadays.


Music Monday#1 I Hate This Part

This is my current favorite right now and this is my first Music Monday entry.

Lyrics The Pussycat Dolls lyrics - I Hate This Part lyrics
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Pacquiao Won Over Hatton

Looks like Freddie Roach was right along when he said that Pacquiao will make easy work of Hatton and will come out as winner at Round 3. Well, Pacquiao did fast work because he knocked out Ricky “Hitman” Hatton on Round 2. The fight lasted for 2 minutes and 59 seconds.

Congratulations to Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao!! Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net You really are the best pound for pound boxer in the world and you made us all proud!! Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net

Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton Fight Tomorrow

The much anticipated fight called The Battle of the East and West will happen tomorrow. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao will face Ricky "Hitman" Hatton, his toughest opponent by far on May 2 in the US(May 3 in the Philippines).

I am rooting for Pacquiao as the winner but I know he should not get complacent as Hatton trained very hard for this fight and studied all his moves as guided by the flamboyant Floyd Mayweather, Sr.

In the meantime, I am quite sure that Philippines will actually stop all its activities and will get glued on TV's to watch the Pacquiao-Hatton fight. So, am planning to play tennis tomorrow in the morning (even tennis courts will likely be deserted) as I do not want to watch the fight on live on TV nor on a live streaming video. The excitement will be too much for me, I'd rather play tennis. The plan is to watch the fight after it's all done and I would already know the winner.

For Manny Pacquiao, go! go! go! and be the winner!!


PhotoHunt#28 Walking

Walking is fine if you do it leisurely and you have the option to ride; but if you have to walk with a heavy sack on your head without promise of any ride, it's another story. I saw this lady and child on a mountain pass yesterday while we stopped by to take some pictures. I was amazed and felt bad for them as the sack on the lady's head looked heavy and it looked like it would be a long walk home.

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Wacky Poses In White Island, Camiguin

A friend forgot how to set her new digicam into multishot mode. While we were in White Island, Camiguin, she decided to try it again. She wanted us to be her wacky models while she tried using the multishot mode but eventually, gave the cam to another friend while we were doing the modelling and joined us to our wacky poses. Here goes..