8 Things

My new blogger-friend, Yami, tagged me this. Thank you so much!!

8 Things I'm looking Forward To:
Take my parents on a trip.
Learn some new things.
Save and invest for my future.
Travel more and learn more.
Grow old and still be useful.
Keep myself healthy.
More incomes from my blogging.
Live a full life.

8 Things I did yesterday
Updated my blogs.
Worked at the office.
Went to the gym after work.
Had dinner at Pablo's with family.
Watched Heroes on TV.
Looked at my Bukidnon-Epol pictures. (Have to decide which ones to be developed/printed).
Checked sites if I can have some opps.
Played with our new kittens, 5 of them.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
Find somebody who will love me and whom I can love without restrictions.
Travel the world.
Convince my mother to start travelling.
Get rich so that I can give more.
Finish all of my must-reads. I have lots of books that I bought that I have not read yet.
Revisit all the previous places that I have visited 10 years ago.
Renovate our house.

8 Shows I watch
Blood + or Blood Plus
Grey’s Anatomy
American Idol
TV News
National Geographics

8 people I tag
Abby, Shieryl, Junelle, Sunny, Meryl, Pchi, Tita Beng, Sheng


Rachel said...

wow nice tag =D

Tita Beng said...

Why? Are you having a hard time to convince your mom to go on traveling? Tell her she's missing half of her life! (Lol!)

Marites said...

@Tita Beng: oo nga, Tita Beng..ewan ko ba. Biglang papayag, tapos biglang ayaw na naman. kakalokah:)

sunny said...

thanks for this tag mi amiga! u got interesting answers, mine would be so boring! imma tag this soon! hehehehehe!

Tita Beng said...

Hey, is that me you're tagging here Marites? he he, di kasi ako sure eh!
Btw, you impressed me when you hiked your ascend to Mt. Samat! As I've mentioned, I don't know if those youngsters knew what they were doin'. E isa ka pala sa mga youngsters na yun na malakas ang loob. That's one experience worth treasuring!

Tita Beng said...

Am here again! Thanks for the tag Marites pero maron na pala ako 8 tag posted.


Next time na lang, if there would still be a next time. he he ...

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow thank you so much for the tag...i really appreciate it.. gawin ko to on my free time..medyo bc pa kami ni hubby sa pag lagalag dito sa TX. maraming salamat

shengy said...

tnx tess