Windows 7 Driver For Smart Bro Plug-It

Finally, I can now use my Smart Bro plug-it with my Asus Eee Pc 1005HA netbook. The said netbook has Windows 7 for its operating system. The other night, I called Smart Bro’s hotline and talked to a helpful lady on how to find the Windows 7 driver from their website. Unfortunately, nothing worked after installing and uninstalling the driver in my netbook.

The next day, I tried calling Smart Bro’s helpline and was lucky enough to be answered by Kiko. To say the least, the guy did his job. He walked me through the procedure in troubleshooting for the Windows 7 driver for Smart Bro prepaid kit. We did the troubleshooting in almost an hour but never did Kiko lost his patience.

Here’s how we did it:

First, uninstall the Smart Bro program from your computer if you previously installed it.

Control Panel
Uninstall/Remove Program
Then, insert Smart Bro plug-it
If Autoplay.exe command appears, cancel

To install the driver:
My computer
Right click and click on Installer
Set up application
Click Troubleshoot applications – Detecting Issues
Troubleshoot program- Next
Select – Program
Program Worked in earlier versions of windows but won’t install/run now
Select – Windows XP Service Pack 3 (or whatever Windows version you’re computer has on)
Start Program
Yes-Save Settings
If not, just double click Autoplay.exe

If this doesn’t work, call Smart Bro’s hotline at 1800106727277 and hope that Kiko or some staff who had the same patience as he got will help you. Good luck!


...^^v... said...

ok ang windows 7 mam? mas better kesa sa XP? di man ko ganahan sa vista oi...complicated ra ug samok kau.

Faust said...


in addition to that - Windows 7 is easy to use and backward compatible with x

Anonymous said...

does it already work properly ..... coz my laptop still freezes...totally freeze i have to manually shutdown to work again....

Marites said...

@Avs: vista for me is quite complicated and confusing.

@Anonymous: Yes, it works because I'm presently using my lappy with Win7 and it's doing fine. If your laptop freezes try to contact Smart's tollfree helpdesk.

Anonymous said...

@marites.... tnx for the reply

but still smart call center agent doesnt help..

totally freeze talaga... nagtataka lang tlga ako in the past 3 days its working properly naman.

any idea... thanks. :D

Anonymous said...

nice nice nice post maam... it really helps.. thanks ^^