Smart Bro Prepaid Kit Not Compatible with Windows 7

I had my Smart Bro Prepaid Kit for months now. The plug-it broadband internet connection served me in good stead for the past months each time I travel or each time my PLDT DSL connection had its downtimes.

So, I was quite confident that I would not be having any problem once I use it with my ASUS Eee PC 1005HA netbook. That was my thought but I thought wrong.

The other day, my PLDT DSL connection went down again for the nth time this week. I installed Smart Bro's plug-it modem and waited to get connected...and waited..and waited..then, I gave up thinking that probably, both PLDT DSL and Smart Bro's servers were having an extended New Year celebration.

Today, I found out through a computer technician-friend that Smart Bro prepaid kit is not compatible with operating system Windows 7. Huh! I could not believe it. But yes, when I rechecked my kit box for the OS requirement, Windows 7 was excluded; probably, because the said OS was released after the Smart Bro prepaid kit's release.

Tonight, I called up Smart Broadband's helpline at 1800106727277 and was given the download link from their website for the driver for Windows 7. I've already downloaded it but am too tired to try if it is working. I shall try tomorrow and I'll keep you posted of the developments....