Finding A Suitable Marriage Partner

I was buying a newspaper at the newspaper stand this morning when I overheard two ladies talking about a mail order bride. I cannot help but eavesdrop as they were busy talking about a lady they both know while I was left standing there trying to call their attention as one of them manages the stand.

Apparently, the lady that they were talking about was about to get divorced for the second time from her second foreigner husband and is about to get married to a third husband, another foreigner. She met both first and second husbands as well as the incoming third one through the internet. The two ladies were saying that she should not get married first after her second divorce and should take her time to be more careful in finding a suitable marriage partner on her third try.

It is already a common sight nowadays to see a foreigner husband taking a Philippine bride. It used to be that they met through the exchange of mails but thanks to the information superhighway, it is easier to meet a prospective spouse through the internet.

I do not have anything against mail order bride or internet bride as long as both parties know what they are getting into. I have read some bad stories about it but I have also read some more positive stories about it. I know some people personally who used them and they are now married happily to their chosen partners.

Finding a marriage partner through the internet or through introductions by friends or family members both have the same risk, I think. But if someone is interested to find a marriage partner through the mail order bride system, he/she must at least do it with somebody that has a good reputation like a christian mail order bride service. Somebody that would help them make things work because after all, this is a decision that could change one’s life.