Ruby Tuesday#33 A Dozen Pairs of Shoes

At my age, I am still fond of reading children's books especially by Philippine authors. I am not sure why but it's probably because the only children's books I had when I was a kid was the set of children's bible story books my mother bought for me and my brother. I have only encountered Cinderella, Snow White and the others through my cousins' books and through stories from schoolbooks.

Anyway, I have observed that there are more Philippine children's books nowadays as compared during my childhood days. I find Philippine children's books quite engaging because a lot of them are just short stories with beautiful, colorful illustrations, easy to read and understand, helpful in developing moral values without losing sight of our Filipino heritage.


A favorite children's book of mine is entitled "A Dozen Pairs of Shoes (Sandosenang Sapatos) by Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan, who won a Don Carlos Palanca memorial award for literature for this book. The book was beautifully and creatively illustrated by Beth Parrocha-Doctolero.


The books tells of a story of a father's love to his child that even with limited means of livelihood, he was able to show his love to his family especially to his own child in his own special ways. The story actually made me teary-eyed (come to think of it, I never had this experience with other children's books).

There are more books I have read by the same author but this one is my favorite. In fact, I always give this book as a gift whenever I get invited to any children's parties.

Note: The book has an English translation right on the same page of its Tagalog version.

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Annie said...

chilren's books are just such a rich resource for posts such as these.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

You can NEVER be to old to read good children's books. ;-)

Willa said...

Looks like a nice children's book. I wish they have it in english,I will surely buy one for my boys.

Stephanie V said...

Some of the best art is to be found in children's books. This one looks like a winner.
Thanks for the visit.

Marites said...

@Willa: The book has an English translation right on the same page in Tagalog version.

Ralph said...

The colors and fun drawings attract the young eyes to explore the art. But as they look, they start to recognize letters then words. Such a fun book helps to small child to learn to read, and to read on for pleasure (and even learning). What a nice find and even nicer gift!

Jim said...

You are a good girl, Marites, you did your homework for Mary! I missed it.
I like your children's book selection. I have a Billy Goat Gruff and Little Black Sambo(an old one, that is its name) for the only two children's of mine.
Happy RT!

Princess of CJ said...

interesting photos. this reminds me to buy some pinoy books for my kid when we're there. :)


Joops said...

This is nice for children.

Art Enthusiast

chubskulit said...

Excellent choice Tess.

Great Find Ruby

luna miranda said...

oh, i have met Beth Parrocha-Doctolero through another artist/blogger friend. great find!

Robin said...

Good children's books are a real treasure indeed. I love the illustrations in this one.

Marice said...

wow! that looks interesting! thanks for sharing!

u may view mine here

fortuitous faery said...

how cute! i bet imelda marcos would love to read this to her grandchildren! haha!

i used to buy a lot of philippine storybooks with english translations as pasalubong for my cousins here in the states. it's a good way to have them connect with their heritage.

Greyscale Territory said...

These books are so lovely! And the illustrations are so bright!