Photo Hunt#71 Lick

I don't eat cake as much as other people. When I do, I prefer the icing more. I have this habit of touching the icing on the cake siding and licking them off my finger when nobody's looking:)

This cake's name is Rainbow cake and it was bought from Bistro Rosario Bakeshoppe at Torres Ave., Davao City, one of the more well-known bakeries in the city. Their cakes are really quite good and this one has about 3 to 4 layers of batter with different colors underneath the icing. Thus, it's name and it's a favorite of mine.


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Alice Audrey said...

Yum. Well worth sneaking a lick.

Anna said...

That looks yummy! Thank you for visiting my blog!

Janet said...

mmm, the cake looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Looks delish my friend. Well done :)

YTSL said...

So you only like the icing on the cake? ;b

Renee said...

Happy NY!