Going Somewhere

The traveling bug was caught from my father and he was the one that encouraged us all to go outside our world, explore what is out there and get some adventures. He worked as a professional driver and he was the first one to go and work overseas in several countries. Whenever he returned, he had a lot of travel stories to tell. The ones that stayed with me were the ones he had during the first Gulf War. He drove trucks and trailers for hundred of miles, met a lot of people like the Stevens Transport and learned a lot about life because of these travels. For him, his job was a big part of his life and this was why he appreciates meeting people like Stevens Transport. For him, to do his job well was not only to do his job conscientiously but also to improve himself through learning from the people he met in his travels.

On the other hand, traveling beckons to me again this year. It always does. This is why I try to travel whenever time and money allow.

With still more than a month of waiting, travel plans are being finalized. Actually, all that is to be done is to finalize our hotel bookings and we are all good to go. A friend is still having second thoughts but with or without her, the travel itinerary is already laid out.

We are also having talks for our next year travels. Initially, my friends and me are going on an international tour. The trip could take about almost a month to complete. Another planned trip is going to be a local tour that might last for a day or two preferably, just for a weekend.

For next year’s travels, initial researches are already being done. Several options such as www.stevenstransport.com are being considered. Of course, money is a big consideration for all but it does not hurt to dream and to look forward to something other than just work the daily grind without going somewhere.

And We Got The Budget

Finally, after a very long wait and a lot of pulling strings, our budget for the laptop replacement has finally been approved. With the approved budget, we are now tasked to find a suitable replacement and since no one in our division has the expertise to do such thing, the tasked was given to me in default.


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Cory's Gone

A Facebook post last Sunday stopped me from what I was doing. It said about Glee's Cory Monteith's untimely death. He was found in a hotel room. The first thought for me was, "What a pity! What a waste!". He was such a handsome and talented guy.

Musicals never fail to amaze me. Amazed how those talented people could actually sing and dance at the same time. Musicals on TV can be strange for me though because probably, I got used to seeing them in movies and mostly, the present TV musicals could get long winding and then it becomes boring. However, when I saw Glee it was interesting and fast moving which is why the news of Cory Monteith's death for me was saddening. My prayers for his soul and his family.


Do Not Go Crazy With Candy Crush

That is what I have been telling myself since I have started playing Candy Crush Saga last two weeks ago on my Samsung tablet. Some friends are crazy over it. Crazy enough to buy additional lives. and crazy enough to buy bigger sized tablets instead of the small ones. I have been hearing the game usually downloaded on the androids a few months ago but for one who is not into computer games, it was just nothing. But curiosity kicked in so the Candy Crush app was used with the thought that the game will be played sparingly. Wrong. It has stopped me from blogging and has fringed on my reading time. Sometimes, I feel stupid playing it but it can really addicting. The concession is I only play it up to its 5 lives limit.

Anyway, the promise is to stay disciplined and just play up to its limit. And, the blogging should be restarted too.