More Branches For This Year

Finally, we are branching out. After a lot of false starts, the people behind it are getting serious. We are opening two more branches initially and could add two more next year. For the sake of our loyal clients, am praying that the plans will push through notwithstanding the opposition from some employees.

The farther branch to be opened was supposed to be the first one to get occupied but the building owner was late in the installation of its final facilities. The next branch which is nearer from our current location is going to be opened next month. Floorings are almost done, glass installations are scheduled to be installed this week. Next week, carpets for the officers'offices are to be installed. Tigressa carpets were considered for their attractive colors and for their good worksmanship but nothing has been confirmed yet as all purchases for the new branches are subject to our Head Office's approval.

The officers are given the chance to choose their office's furnishings as long as it is within the allowed budget.  If I shall be given the chance to choose my office's furnishings, I would probably go for the wood floorings and the private quarters furnished with the Tigressa carpets.



The coming weeks are promising to be challenging. Already, the pressure at work is getting more intense day by day. We are gearing towards faster services but I am not sure if we are better prepared for it. Assurances were made but apprehensions are still prevalent.  Prayers are in order but nothing is sure. Personally, I only hope for the best.

Retirement is still too early for me but it is now starting to knock on my door. God has plans, I hope I shall have the strength and wisdom to accept them.