PhotoHunt#9 Metal

This metal is part of the Twin Towers of New York City. It is very thick and heavy but it is a silent witness to the fury of the heat of the burning buildings last September 11. The picture was taken in the State Museum of South Carolina.

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Twilight, the Movie

Have you seen Twilight, the movie? Have you read the Twilight books? I have seen the movie the other day and I like it very much. So, I want to have the books! By the way, check out the dneero conversation to know more about it.


Litratong Pinoy#28 Ang Pagwawagi (The Win)

Sino ba ang nanalo dito? Ang ibinuhat o ang nagbuhat? Parang pareho silang nagwagi, di ba? Kuha ito noon sa isa sa mga taunang palaro sa opisina.

Translation: Who won this? The carrier or the one who got carried? It seems they both won, right? This was taken in one of our annual office sportsfest for employees.

Eto naman ang bidyo nang panghulihang laro para sa dart sa opisina. Maingay ang mga nagwagi at siyempre pa, nakitawa na lang ang talunan.

Translation: This is the video of the dart finals in the office. The winners were noisy and of course, the loser just had to smile.


Perhaps They Need New Eyeglasses

I just heard from a friend today that her unused Philippine Airlines plane tickets are non-refundable contrary to what was advised to her several times thru phone. She purchased her plane tickets thru their online purchase promo discount but decided to defer her trip. So, she called up the airline to confirm if she could get the refund and was assured that they will release her refund in 45 days.

Three months went by and after several phone calls, there was no refund. Last Friday, she called their customer service on the phone again and was promptly told that her unused plane tickets are non-refundable. What happened to the previous advises then? All were just hoax?

Today, I asked her what happened to her refund request and it was visibly clear while telling me the story that she is still upset about it. I tried to cheer her up and told her that maybe the airline’s customer service people need to check their eyes to get a clearer view of the data.

Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical offer a wide variety of eyeglass choices and are quite affordable at $8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. Anybody can actually afford to get better vision and it is just so easy to order. I even have my favorite, check out the picture below.

The popular online eyeglasses shop accepts orders online, so it is just so easy to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses and perhaps the airline’s customer service people need new eyeglasses to see their data clearly. In that way, they can be consistent in their feedback to their customers.


PhotoHunt#8 Reflection

This picture was taken from the viewdeck, which is at the peak of Pangulasian Island, El Nido, Palawan. From the said viewdeck, one can see the spectacular 360-degree view of Bacuit Bay. The sun was starting to set when this picture was taken and its rays are reflecting on the waters of the bay emphasizing the islet’s silhouette.

On the other hand but still in line with this weekend's theme, I have been reflecting on a friend's remarks and I realized that I am alone again in my plans. Oh well..life has to move on; in the meantime, enjoy the view.


Litratong Pinoy# 27 Madumi(Dirty)

Ito ay sorbetes na inilalako sa kalsada kaya tinawag na maduming sorbetes. Pero mula pagkabata, paborito ko na ito kasama ng aking kapatid at mga kalaro. Kaya naman, nang may pinapuntang mamang sorbetero sa opisina para daw sa kaarawan ng aming manedyer, laking tuwa kong nakilinya para sa sorbetes. Iyon pala, hindi lang ako ang natuwa pati na rin ang aking mga kasama na makita ang mamang sorbetero

Translation: This is the ice cream being sold out in the streets that is why it is called dirty ice cream. Since I was a kid, this has been my favorite along with my brother and playmates. That is why when the icecream man came to the office for our manager’s birthday, I was too happy to line up for the ice cream. It turned out that I was not the only one who was so happy about it as my officemates were happy to see him too.


PhotoHunt#7 Ruin(ed)

This is Songsong Ruins of Batanes. Batanes is a group of islands located at the northernmost part of the Philippines. Songsong was a small fishing village when it was struck by tsunami in 1970s. For a long time, it was a ghost town until recently, when a few of its former occupants started returning but still, only a handful of the houses are occupied. The village has an eerie feeling about it; but Batanes, in its entirety, is a beautiful place to see.


Litratong Pinoy#26 Kinagisnan

Kinagisnan ko nang Oktubre pa lang may mga dekorasyong para sa Pasko nang makikita sa kung saan-saan, masyadong maaga para sa mga dayuhan ngunit tamang oras lang para sa mga Pilipino. Kinagisnan ko rin ang nakaugaliang Pinoy tuwing Pasko na pagkadami-daming handaan na may pagkadami-daming pagkain. Hindi nakakapagtaka na laging may babala ang Kagawaran ng Kalusugan tuwing Pasko na kailangang mag-ingat sa sobrang pagkain dahil mas marami ang naoospital dahil sa alta presyon o pagtaas ng asukal sa katawan.

Kaya naman ng mag-imbita ang isa kong kaibigan na naninirahan sa ibang bansa na doon magpasko sa kanila..hay! parang hindi ko kakayanin, ang lungkot yata ng Pasko pag malayo sa Pilipinas ano. Matutulog lang sila sa oras ng ating Noche Buena samantalang tayo naman ay nagpapakabusog hanggang mabinat ang balat natin sa tiyan at nagpapakasaya ng todo kasama ang ating mga kaibigan at mahal sa buhay.

lechon, kinilaw at dinuguan
spaghetti, buko salad, beef steak, patatim
kainan na!!!

Translation: I grew up seeing Christmas decorations everywhere starting on the month of October, very early by foreign standards but just at the right time for Filipinos. I also grew up on the Filipino culture of celebrating Christmas by having a lot of Christmas parties with lots of food. It is no wonder that during Christmas season, our Deparment of Health would always issue the health advisory regarding excessive eating/partying as this is usually the time that there is an increase number of people getting hospitalized due to hypertension and/or increase sugar intake.

That is why when one of my friends who lives abroad invited me to spend Christmas with her, I thought, I could not do it. Christmas is lonely away from the Philippines. They would just sleep during Noche Buena time while we party with our friends and loved ones to our hearts’ delight and fill our stomachs up to our skin’s maximum stretching point.


The Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship

Thank you for this tag, Cee.

Don't let the Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship die. May God richly bless you as you keep this candle burning. Pass it on to all your Friends and to everyone you love.

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Bloggers Unite: Let Us Help The Refugees

Imagine trying to sleep on a cold floor during cold, cold nights with a stomach barely lined by donated soup and bread.....imagine your small kid getting sick with diarrhea or fever or colds when he is already malnourished without a doctor nor medicine in sight for days…imagine not having clean water for drinking and cooking…imagine not knowing where your loved ones are, not knowing if they are dead or alive, not knowing what country shall take you in, imagine being persecuted and ostracized in your country by your own countrymen…imagine not knowing when will your next meal be and imagine not knowing what happened to your house, your livelihood and even your pets..and imagine, living all those uncertainties from day to day..

This is how most refugees live…they live in unimaginable atrocities and suffering day in, day out; and you know what, most of the world just go by with their own lives not knowing about this or for some who knew, they were just too busy to care and to lift nary a finger to help.

Save for some organizations (government or non-government) or people who try to help these refugees, these refugees need more help. They need a voice to let the world know about what is going on and what they need. That is why Bloggers Unite is getting more than 10,000 bloggers all over the world to unite and be the voice for these refugees who need help ASAP.

At the local front, because of increased military activities in Mindanao against the insurgents in reaction to MILF’s rampage done to villages after the fallout of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domains in ARMM, there are already 528,053 displaced individuals from affected villages located in Lanao del Norte and Sur, North Cotabato, Maguindanao and Basilan (Source: here).

These refugees are now being housed in school buildings, tents that could barely withstand the heat of the sun nor the pounding of the heavy rains, and are prone to flooding. Help are not easy to come by as volunteers and other charitable organizations are also putting their lives in danger (Source: here), donated goods and medicines take time to arrive due to the unavailability of better transportation that could withstand the bad roads.

We can never know when will this manmade calamity will stop. It seems to me just a vicious cycle. Meanwhile, lives are disrupted, livelihood lost, innocence gone, education lost and all for naught.

Let us educate ourselves, help what we can and try to think ourselves in their shoes or in their slippers or likely, in their barefeet. Christmas is just a few weeks away, could we just at least help these refugees find their voice to let the world know that they exist and they need help, desperately.


PhotoHunt#6 Together

Together, we can make a difference. Small or big task, doing it together is easier and can have more impact than doing it alone.

Pictures were taken when our gym had a Gawad Kalinga activity day. We helped in the construction of several houses for indigent Filipino families in Bayabas, Toril, Davao City through the initiative of the Gawad Kalinga organization.

The project site will house 22 families in eleven duplex houses constructed with the help of Gawad Kalinga volunteers. So far, when the picture was taken, we already had 2 houses done and 2 more houses in their finishing stage. To know more about Gawad Kalinga, go here.


Litratong Pinoy#25 Maalaala Mo Kaya?

Puntod ito ng aking lolo at lola na aming pinupuntahan tuwing Araw ng Patay. Sa tuwing araw ng patay, karaniwan na sa ating mga Pilipino ang dumalaw sa puntod ng ating mga namatay na mahal sa buhay. Ngunit may napansin akong mga puntod na wala man lang alay na kandila o bulaklak at tila nakalimutan na ng mga nagmamay-ari. Iniisip ko tuloy na tiyak na naghihinagpis na ang mga nasa loob ng puntod at sinasabing “Maalaala Mo Kaya?”.

Hala kayo, baka dalawin kayo niyan….

This is the grave of my grandparents which we visit every All Soul’s day. It is customary for Filipinos to visit their dead loved ones’ graves every All Soul’s Day. However, I have seen some graves that are bereft of any candle or flowers and seem to have already been forgotten by their owners. It made me think that those dead people could be missing their loved ones and wondering themselves, “Can you still remember?”.

Watch out, they might visit you…


Election Day

By now, Americans are flocking to voting locations to vote for their new president. I read in the news that Barack Obama won big in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Of course, we will know the final voting results tomorrow at the earliest.

Why do I find the US elections interesting? I am just amazed how fast their poll results can be had compared to ours. It is also interesting to note that some US states have online voting and some allow early voting. Isn’t that just so high-tech? I have been wondering if the Philippines can actually do that in my lifetime.

Well, the wait is just a few hours away. Let me get to bed and for sure, the election results will be out by the time I wake up tomorrow. Cya all.

Office Halloween Party 2008

I almost forgot to do this slideshow until I saw my co-employees’ pictures yesterday. We had our Halloween Party for kids last week after a long hiatus due to budgetary constraints. The party was a blast and employees used a lot of used carbon papers for the Halloween decorations and for some decorations, they pooled up their personal resources to come up with really cool Halloween decorations.

There were more than a 100 kids plus another more than a 100 more of wanna-be kids who made the party a huge success. Here’s the slideshow:

For more pictures, click here.


PhotoHunt#5 Blue

Blue skies, blue sea and a bluish silhouette of the mountains in the background…what more can you ask for. This picture was taken while we were on a boat for our summer outing last year.

The island is called the Vanishing Island located between the Davao City and Samal Island. It is called as such as like most sandbars, it vanishes during high tide. This island is memorable for me because some years ago, an incident here almost ”vanished” us off on the face of the earth. Nonetheless, this place is really beautiful.

Happy Halloween!

…to everybody! I hope the Dallas, Texas earthquake did not dampen the Halloween spirit of the affected people. Nonetheless, let us be reminded that Halloween is not all trick or treating but a day to remind us of our dead.

Here’re some Halloween text jokes I got from a friend:
  • One Sunday, a guy plan to go to church to pray for his girlfriend that died a week ago. That church was where both of them attended mass together. While walking for the entrance of the church, the guy suddenly felt weak, the more he gets further inside, the heavier his body become. As the mass ended, the guy was approached by a flower vendor and asked him, “Sir ang sweet mo naman.” He asked, “Bakit mo nasabi?” “Kasi, pinasan mo pa ang girlfriend mo papasok ng simbahan.” Happy Haloween!
  • A girl was on the way to the dorm. She’s the only remaining passenger on the jeep. She had taken this route many times before, so she was surprised when the driver suddenly changed his course. Alarmed, she told the driver she’s off to the dorm. After few minutes, they returned to the original route and the driver dropped her off the dorm, but before letting her, he gave her few words of advice. “Ineng, pag uwi mo, hubarin mo agad yung damit mo at kung pwede, sunugin mo agad. Iniba ko yung ruta para makaiwas sa disgrasya. Kanina kasi, pagtingin ko sa salamin, wala kang ulo!” Happy Halloween!

Next post..pictures taken during our office’s Halloween Children’s Party.