Perhaps They Need New Eyeglasses

I just heard from a friend today that her unused Philippine Airlines plane tickets are non-refundable contrary to what was advised to her several times thru phone. She purchased her plane tickets thru their online purchase promo discount but decided to defer her trip. So, she called up the airline to confirm if she could get the refund and was assured that they will release her refund in 45 days.

Three months went by and after several phone calls, there was no refund. Last Friday, she called their customer service on the phone again and was promptly told that her unused plane tickets are non-refundable. What happened to the previous advises then? All were just hoax?

Today, I asked her what happened to her refund request and it was visibly clear while telling me the story that she is still upset about it. I tried to cheer her up and told her that maybe the airline’s customer service people need to check their eyes to get a clearer view of the data.

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The popular online eyeglasses shop accepts orders online, so it is just so easy to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses and perhaps the airline’s customer service people need new eyeglasses to see their data clearly. In that way, they can be consistent in their feedback to their customers.