Election Day

By now, Americans are flocking to voting locations to vote for their new president. I read in the news that Barack Obama won big in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Of course, we will know the final voting results tomorrow at the earliest.

Why do I find the US elections interesting? I am just amazed how fast their poll results can be had compared to ours. It is also interesting to note that some US states have online voting and some allow early voting. Isn’t that just so high-tech? I have been wondering if the Philippines can actually do that in my lifetime.

Well, the wait is just a few hours away. Let me get to bed and for sure, the election results will be out by the time I wake up tomorrow. Cya all.


Bill said...

Thanks for the visit. Mr. Obama won and he will be the US next president. Who knows maybe you will see electronic voting in your life time because technology is advancing so fast. Have a great week.

claudie said...

Thanks for the visit! I am so glad since Obama is the new US president! My heart is full of joy!
A new time begins now and I love to believe that!