Going Somewhere

The traveling bug was caught from my father and he was the one that encouraged us all to go outside our world, explore what is out there and get some adventures. He worked as a professional driver and he was the first one to go and work overseas in several countries. Whenever he returned, he had a lot of travel stories to tell. The ones that stayed with me were the ones he had during the first Gulf War. He drove trucks and trailers for hundred of miles, met a lot of people like the Stevens Transport and learned a lot about life because of these travels. For him, his job was a big part of his life and this was why he appreciates meeting people like Stevens Transport. For him, to do his job well was not only to do his job conscientiously but also to improve himself through learning from the people he met in his travels.

On the other hand, traveling beckons to me again this year. It always does. This is why I try to travel whenever time and money allow.

With still more than a month of waiting, travel plans are being finalized. Actually, all that is to be done is to finalize our hotel bookings and we are all good to go. A friend is still having second thoughts but with or without her, the travel itinerary is already laid out.

We are also having talks for our next year travels. Initially, my friends and me are going on an international tour. The trip could take about almost a month to complete. Another planned trip is going to be a local tour that might last for a day or two preferably, just for a weekend.

For next year’s travels, initial researches are already being done. Several options such as www.stevenstransport.com are being considered. Of course, money is a big consideration for all but it does not hurt to dream and to look forward to something other than just work the daily grind without going somewhere.