Gotta Have Those Filters And A New Sturdier Tripod

August has a lot of holidays that me and my photographer-friends are planning to do some landscape photoshoots. Am all for it even if the early wake-up calls are killing me. They are the least of my worries, actually.

What I am worrying about most are two things. One is that my tripod which is relatively new seems not sturdy enough to stand against the rocks, waves and what-have-yous that we are going to encounter in some coastal shoots. The first time it was tested, it stood well but standing beside the tripods of my friends, it looked malnourished. It may have been wrong for me to assume when I bought it that I would just be using it in sturdy ground without waves and rocks and such. As our landscape photography-teacher said, a sturdy and reliable tripod is a basic necessity if you want to shoot really good landscape photographs.

The other one, I thought I did not the filters. Mind changed. In an instant. After seeing their fantastic use during our landscape photography class. But this girl is running out of the budget already..oh what to do! Tic tac..tic tac..I might need another income to finance my getting-to-be-more-expensive hobby sooner than I think.