The 2013 Kadayawan Festival Is On!

After some nailbiting days agonizing if it is really wise to continue with the 2013 Kadayawan celebration, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte finally gave the go signal. The crowd went silent when he did the speech. For some (like me and most photographer-hobbyists), we listened as we held our breath. For sure the threat was and still is real just even for the mere fact that the security during the Panagtagbo (Kadayawan opening ceremonies) was really tight. But like a worried father relenting to his offspring’s wishes he said yes but with added strict precautions and security personnel protecting the city and its constituents. Several days into the celebration, military presence is already everywhere. The people feel safer, for sure. And with God’s graces, the Kadayawan celebration this year is going to be one successful one as what were then the past years.