Do Not Go Crazy With Candy Crush

That is what I have been telling myself since I have started playing Candy Crush Saga last two weeks ago on my Samsung tablet. Some friends are crazy over it. Crazy enough to buy additional lives. and crazy enough to buy bigger sized tablets instead of the small ones. I have been hearing the game usually downloaded on the androids a few months ago but for one who is not into computer games, it was just nothing. But curiosity kicked in so the Candy Crush app was used with the thought that the game will be played sparingly. Wrong. It has stopped me from blogging and has fringed on my reading time. Sometimes, I feel stupid playing it but it can really addicting. The concession is I only play it up to its 5 lives limit.

Anyway, the promise is to stay disciplined and just play up to its limit. And, the blogging should be restarted too.