Done with 21-K Challenge

Yes, I’ve done it. I am done with the 21-kilometer challenge today. I did it in four days after office hours and I am quite proud of myself.

The 21-k challenge came from our gym. Finish it in one week from January 11-16, 2010 and you’ll have free gym access for a week. Tuesday was off for me because I played badminton as well as Saturday because I have other plans.

The 21-k challenge is equal to about 105 laps on our gym’s running track. I promised myself that I would run at least half of the 21-kilometer challenge to gauge my stamina and endurance. I do run but not as regularly as I can because I prefer doing the group exercise more. So, here is what I did:

Monday – 16 laps
Wednesday – 40 laps
Thursday – 35 laps
Friday – 14 laps

And yes, I am happy to report that I run on more than half of the laps. If I didn’t, I won’t probably be able to finish it earlier today.

Doing the challenge gave me renewed admiration to those who do run regularly. My admiration to Joy Rojas, the first Filipina ultramarathoner who ran across America last year, multiplied a hundredfold.