Catcher In The Rye's J.D. Salinger Is Dead

J.D. Salinger, the author of Catcher in the Rye, is dead. I have yet to finish J.D. Salinger's Catcher In the Rye. I was halfway reading it but I misplaced it somewhere and then, other books took my attention.

The book actually took me by surprise. It was bold in such a way that I expected its characters to be subdued but they came out otherwise. Its main character, Holden Caulfield, was full of teen-age angst and rebellion, likes to swear and smoke, despises the adults and all in all, just seemed unhappy. Looking back now, I might have not finished reading the book because it has a lot of negative vibes coming from the book's characters. Well, anyway, I'll try to finish it once I get hold of it again.


alf said...

hi, nice to hear from you again.

nice pictures here. i've been to hundred islands pero decades ago na! but not to camarines.

happy weekend.

Vernz said...

this is a very good book ... I had this analyzed in the lit class. go on finished it!

Magandang gabi!

Anonymous said...

Likewise, picked it up as required reading in HS, skimmed through it and dont quite remember the story. A hope to get back to it too :)