Ruby Tuesday#34 Doggie Chuck Taylors

I bought a new pair of high-cut Chuck Taylor Converse shoes last month. I have been planning to buy a pair for a longest time but it was too expensive for me. Fortunately, a department store sold them on sale last December. I wanted both the high cut and the low cut shoes but just decided to buy the former first.

Imagine my joy when I got a Christmas gift from my best friend, a pair of colorful doggie Chuck Taylors! There are yellow, green, orange, red, purple and blue dogs all over the Converse shoes. Aren't they cute?


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Ralph said...

Converse canvas sneakers are always a classic. Here, the colorful doggies are definitely better looking that the usual black or white. You received a stylish gift!

Jim said...

Hi Marites, I like Doggie Chuck Taylors. On girls at least, I don't even want to know if they make them for men.
Happy RT!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I've never seen ones with dogs on them before! What a cool gift!!

Marice said...

converse really came up with some cool chucks!

u may view mine here

Dianne said...

fantastic gift
they're beautiful!!

Tammy said...

I love Chuck Taylors! Those are adorable.