Boys Over Flowers

I do not like the current schedule of Boys over Flowers, which is before TV Patrol. I wonder if ABS-CBN really thought about their move properly. Working people are still on their way home. Some, like me, are still working out at the gym. I would rather have it after Tayong Dalawa. Heck, who wants to play bingo at past 10pm??

Compared to a lot of people I know, I cannot technically call myself a Koreanovela fan. The only Korean telenovela that took my interest to finish it until it ended was the Princess Hours which was shown on TV last year. As for the other Korean telenovelas, I could not even distinguish who is who among the actors and actresses that have captured the fancy of millions of Filipinos.
Anyway, when Boys Over Flowers was being pitched extensively by ABS-CBN a few weeks ago, I could not even care less. However, when I incidentally watched its first day of showing last Monday while I was trying to update my blog, the show got my interest with the funny antics of Geum Jan-Di as played by Koo Hye-Seon.

So, off I go now to youtube to watch Boys Over Flowers. Thanks to youtube, I can watch Boys Over Flowers anytime I want :D