To Get Back To School Or Not

I got a call last week from an old friend. It was a nice surprise to hear from him considering that it has been months since we last talked. We were quite busy with our individual lives that our promise to see each other from time to time went to naught.

The last time we talked, he mentioned about going back to school. He has his own business but somehow the current economic situation is making it difficult for him to get it going and he's starting to feel the need to acquire some additional skills and further education. We talked about his options and he wanted some flexibility to take care of his business and his family. He said he hated conventional classroom set-up when he was in college so he asked me what I think about online courses.

Personally, I am also thinking of going back to school just to get my brain cells working. I am not sure yet what course should I take but getting to an online university is one of the options. What I need to do first is to reconfigure my time with work and also, my finances, which I have been procrastinating forever to do.

As for my friend, he is leaning towards getting an online education. I wish him well.


floreta said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. i'm also thinking of going back to school..