Negativity Is Not The Way To Do It

A report is going to be due tomorrow and I was asked by our superior today to tell this co-employee to do it. I approached him and started to explain how to get all the data he will need but instead I heard the words, “I do not know that, I cannot do it. It is difficult for me.”

How come he knew he could not do it when he did not even read the requirements yet? How come he knew it’s going to be difficult when he has not started yet? Would it be better if he try doing the report first before saying those words?

This co-employee is not even new in our company. He is with our company longer than most of us in the division did. Newer employees look up to him in seniority and guidance and then, we hear those words from him.

I knew better than to argue with him so I left the sample format on his table after briefly explaining how to get the needed data. All the while hoping that he will be more receptive in doing the simple report. It is actually more like doing data entry than doing some complicated report but he sure seemed bothered by it.

Negativity greatly affects our perspective in life; be it at work or even at play. People gravitate more to positivity. Life is already hard as it is and negativity is not the way to do it. Negativity hinders our growth. It closes us from better opportunities in life. It stops us in seeking what is out there, losing our sense of adventure. It stops us in enjoying life, learning new things, seeing more of the world around us, and even seeing the vision of the future. really, negativity is not the way to do it.

How else the phrase “Let’s do it” got so popular?


Gem said...

That's really quite an attitude problem. That makes it difficult to work with some people.

I myself had encountered difficult people at work. We had no choice but to really get along with them.

In the same way they had to deal with what they don't want with our attitudes.

There could be an underlying reason - a personal problem maybe - on why he is behaving that way.

tsiya said...

My Daddy used to say, "don't tell me you can't do it, just be honest, and say you are just too lazy, to even try"! "Can't" really means, "I just don't want to bother"!

the donG said...

i simply agree. negativity never helped a person achieve great goals.

swann said...

it all boils down to attitude.
negativity can drown you down, and will never ever solve any problem, whether at work or life in general.

hi there, just dropping by!

Yarn Hungry Piggett said...

From what little I know of what you wrote, the words that stuck out were: "It is actually more like doing data entry...."
My interpretation would then be: an underling should have gotten this project than the person with seniority.
So it could have been an insult to his ego, but he wasn't going to say that.
That's my angle. I could be wrong.

Yarn Hungry Piggett (not Hog anymore)