You Need Flu Vaccine For the Cold Weathers

That’s what my nurse-aunt reminded me a long time ago. I used to be uncaring of what type of vaccines I had and when were they administered; but when one of my nurse-aunts lectured us about the advantages of vaccines, I started to take notice.

Colds and flu are getting common nowadays because of the cold weather. That is why, last Saturday I convinced my parents to have their flu vaccine. I already took mine last December before I did my Shanghai travel. It was timely because when we got there, the weather was too cold that we had runny nose all the time.

So, for those who have yet to take their flu vaccine, you need flu vaccine for the cold weather because this kind of weather make people susceptible to colds, fever and flu.


Mamapippa said...

You tought the furry belly on my blog was one from a dog ... wrong !
Floris is our cat !
Have a nice day !

fortuitous faery said...

hi marites! a little honest tag for you! hope you haven't done this yet! :)

ms firefly said...

i had the flu and pneumonia vaccine last year before i left for dublin. and i'm so glad i did, because i've never been sick here ever. my husband had it las december with so many people in his job sick, but he never got to infect me! :D