Tennis and Golf Swings

A tennis player I met on the tennis court where I was playing once said to me that I have the potential to be a good golf player because I play tennis. He actually tried to convince me to get to the driving range and test his theory but I was just too busy with work that I have yet to know if what he told me was really true.

What is in tennis that could help me a better golf player than others? This tennis guy told me that because with tennis I was taught to swing properly, to use my body alignment to my advantage to hit the ball with force and with precision.

I have been watching professional tennis players especially the likes of the Williams sisters, Dinara Safina, Rafael Nadal, Andrei Agassi and the other world-renowed tennis players. Their swings and follow-throughs are just unbelievably awesome. I am just curious how they will fare should they try playing golf with those swings they have.

A cousin is telling me that she is thinking of telling her husband to play tennis first before he continues playing golf. His swing was so bad and each time he plays golf, he would come home cranky and humiliated afterwards. She thought that with tennis, his golf swing could improve. I told her that her husband just might improve his golf swings if he could try to do Golfkurs. In fact, they could do Golfurlaub should they proceed with their planned European holiday next year. Of course, he needs to pass Platzreife first but afterwards, I am sure he will immensely enjoy the holiday.

I heard the golf courses in Germany offers every amenities every golf player could ever dream of. Their golf schools also offer golf classes for everybody even for children. My cousin can even try playing golf so that she can play golf along with her husband.

Still, I am curious with the theory of the guy that tennis players can play better golf than others. I still have to test that theory.


Gorgeous Nelly said...

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