Ruby Tuesday#36 Playroom At the Office

This was taken inside the playroom of one of our branches. So far, this branch has the most well-laid out building plan among the branches I have visited. Aside from its cubicled office area, it has a library, playroom, gym, prayer room and some balcony space for some breather should the office walls get too claustrophobic.

There were about ten kids staying inside the playroom and they were being taken care of by two nannies at that time. I find it quite refreshing to see that an office could actually provide this kind of facility for their employees which helps lessen the burden especially for the working mothers with young kids.


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chubskulit said...

It's nice that they put area for the kids.

Road Trip

Anonymous said...

Nicely planned playroom.

Marice said...

that looks really inviting :)

u may view mine here

Felisol said...

The site looks inviting and also ale to provide some challenges for the small ones.
I'd feel safe having my child there when at work.

Terry said...

dear marites..this is such a treasure room for the children!
what a great idea!
all of the different rooms it has wow!...even a prayer room and a balcony, and a LIBRARY!
what a dying art it is...reading books..it used to be so nice to just sit down and devour a book!
the computer is nice but sometimes i feel the longing in my soul to have the time to read a book!
great ruby tuesday..thanks so much for your visit to my blog to see that cute house and the bare tree.
i always feel so bad to see a tree get cut down. i mean how much history could that tree had told us!
happy ruby tuesday...love terry

Becky and Gary said...

You have lots of red here, and the play room looks like lots of fun.
My train layout is an o guage model and incorporates 3/4 of my basement.
Thanks for stopping by.

Life Ramblings said...

it must have been so much fun for the kids.

Ralph said...

The fixtures are in colors that children look for. The ruby and other bright hues are inviting the kids to play - which they doe with great pleasure!

Eaton Bennett said...

I often wonder why the corporate world doesn't do this for their 'mom'
employees...it seems a very sensible idea to me. I can see why kids would love that play area, it's cheery and inviting. Thanks for visiting my RT!

Jew Wishes said...

Nice photos with splashes of red, and nice convenience for the parent.

Kiki said...

Wonderful..lovely colors..and charming!Happy RT!

Jama said...

Some of the companies here have this facilities too, it's called day care centre. There are also private day care centres near the public housing estates for the convenience of the parents.

Kerri said...

What a neat slide!!! Very nice for a facility to be provided.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Patti said...

How nice they provide this play area for employees' children. The bright colors are so cheery.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Robin said...

How lucky those mothers are to have a fun, safe place to care for their children right there in the office.

Kerslyn said...

nice! my first time to see an office with a playroom. :-)

thanks for dropping by my RT entry. I am also craving for KK right now. wish they have a branch here in Davao.