The Cat Who Knows When Death Is Coming

Yes, you heard it right. A cat can sense when death is coming. His name is Oscar. He lives in a nursing home in US. The doctors and staff realized Oscar has this gift when he started staying and curling up to sleep with the residents who were about to die. By far, Oscar was able to “predict” 50 deaths according to this news.

It is truly amazing but when I think about it, animals are quite sensitive. How else can they sense the coming of earthquakes or people who’re about to have an epilepsy episode or about to have stroke. What is just awesome for me is that while we take our pets or even animals for granted, they can actually feel us and even know more about us. Sadly, that doesn’t hold true to most humans even the supposedly humans who’re closer to us.


fortuitous faery said...

i read in a book that animals have stronger sixth sense because their senses are "unclouded" unlike us humans, who walk this earth as emotional and supposedly more intelligent beings. they see things that we don't see, sense danger even before it happens.