Kiss For Rafael Nadal

Who would want to kiss Rafa? Me! Me! Me! And for sure, two of my friends are going with me LOL! We would probably be elbowing each other to be the first one to give Raffy Nadal his kiss.

I was just so amused after reading about a guy who was arrested for running on the Arthur Ashe Stadium court to kiss Rafael Nadal (source: Yahoo news). Nadal just won over Gael Monfils at the U.S. Open last Tuesday night. Gee, Rafa is not only a world-class tennis player but he is a certified eyecandy. Who wouldn’t want to kiss him? :)

Anyway, I am so looking forward to seeing Rafa in the finals. Serena Williams, another favorite tennis champion of mine, is already looking at the finals against comebacking Kim Clijsters. Sounds like an interesting U.S. Open finals in the offing.


kg said...

sino ba naman ang hindi mate-tempt humalik kay nadal? he! he!