Mayweather vs Marquez Live Streaming Video

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Jose Manuel Marquez fight is coming this weekend; and I am trying to find a live streaming video of the fight as I do not want to wait for it on TV. The Mayweather vs Marquez fight is going to be an interesting fight as both are quite very good boxers. Marquez was defeated by Pacquiao before and I am quite curious now as how would he fare against Mayweather who has come out of retirement after Pacquiao "Pacman" defeated Hatton this year.

I saw an advertisement for a live streaming video from a restaurant nearby but I have to shell out P300 to see it. My thought, why pay when I could find a free live streaming video for the Mayweather vs Marquez fight on the net. I will just have to look for it.