Ruby Tuesday#14 Christmas Decors At Cagsawa Ruins

I saw these Christmas decors made of Abaca fibers in the store near Cagsawa Ruins in Albay Province. I was quite surprised to see them as it was still August and then, I realized that traditionally, Filipinos start putting up their Christmas decorations in September. So, the decoration display was just on time.

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Dora said...

Wow! They're so early for X'mas!

Connie said...

I am sure they will start putting them up here soon. They start earlier each year. Lots of nice red in this picture.

Anonymous said...

YIKES. Christmas stuff already. Egads. LOL. Great RT picture

luna miranda said...

wow, that is really early! Christmas decor in Metro Manila usually starts in September. oh, but i heard a Christmas song over the radio more than a week a go.:P

Jim said...

That is great, Marites. Those are sooooooo pretty. Early is fine with me too.
Here in the U.S. people used to get upset if businesses got ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving (end of November). Now they don't like it before Halloween (Oct 31) but a lot do anyway.
Also we have Christmas stores where they sell only Christmas decorations, all year round.

Happy RT! It has been a while since we exchanged. :-)

Becca said...

I have never seen decorations like those...thanks for sharing!

Carver said...

They are so festive and unexpected. I'm not used to Christmas this early. THanks for your visit to my site.