Read and Learn

I remember when I was a child and still prone to play than study, my mother used to remind and even scolded me to read so I can learn. It is no wonder that they have sacrificed so much to give us the better education that they were not able to have. I am and shall be forever grateful to them especially my mother for sacrificing everything just so I can finish my college education and live a life with better opportunities.

This is not so in the case of millions of people all over the world, surprising but it is the real truth. Even if the internet is paving the way for better access to information and exchange of ideas, the number of people who cannot read and write even at a minimum level all over the world is astounding.

Studies show that children whose one or both parents have lower or no educational attainment have higher mortality or survival rate. Based on my experience and observation, this handicap also prevents access to better opportunities in life.

To remind people all over the world regarding this situation, UNESCO proclaimed September 8 as the International Literacy Day.

A lot of organizations have already started reading clubs, free book distribution and other reading projects but these are not enough. I commend the national newspaper, Philippine Daily Inquirer for their ongoing reading project. I hope more private organizations can do their shares as the government alone cannot address this situation promptly and properly.

As individuals we can do our own little ways to alleviate this problem right within our own circle. Encourage reading and when I say encourage, you try to show that you are actually reading yourself to be the role model. Kids learn mostly by emulating. Lessen computer use (I am guilty on this.) for them to have time to read not only their school lessons but also other reading materials. Be more active and be involved.

I believe that reading helps people to think better, learn better and act better. Let us continue reading and help others who cannot.