The 40-K Run

I finished what I set out to run for. I am done with our gym's 40 kilometer run challenge yesterday. It was supposed to be done within August 1-6 but I decided to just do it in 4 days. Surprisingly, while I was feeling tired and sleepy on my last day of run, I shortened by time. I couldn't sleep the night before so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to finish the last 10 kilometers. Thank goodness I finished the remaining 10 kilometers in one hour and a half even if all I wanted to do was lie down and snore while I was doing the run lol! So, for two hours on a kilometer run on my last day, I reduced my time by half an hour. Pat, pat on my back. Good job, girl. You're not lazy, after all...

So, now I was able to prove myself that I could actually participate with all these weekend runs although I'd rather play tennis or do some photoshoots on my weekend than run.