Tuesday Travels#8 Singapore: Pork Stew


After doing the Singapore flyer, we decided to have lunch at their food court. It was located just below The Flyer. 


SandyCarlson said...

That looks really good, even to this vegetarian!

Wandering Gene said...

Pata! I'm not what to call it, patatim?

Visiting via Tuesday Travels.

Tsang said...

Basta food ng pinoy kakagutom, as in craving and drooling


imriz said...

great for meat lovers like me:)

Rcel said...

i'll pass on this because i don't eat pork. :D

Tuesday Travels visiting! My share this week is a story of THREE STARVING INDIVIDUALS HITTING THE the Asian Buffet. Lol. I hope you can come and visit me, too! :)