Done With 20, Onwards To 20

I decided to join the 40 kilometer challenge at the gym yesterday. While I would prefer to box or do the group dance routine, I decided to push myself outside my comfort zone to see if I can actually finish 10 kilometers in one day or rather, in 3 hours from 5 to 8pm. Actually, the challenge would be to finish the 40-kilometer walk/jog/run from August 1 to 6, 2011. Since I have other plans from Friday up to the weekend, I decided to do the challenge in four days. So, the target is to do 10 kilometers per day to finish 40 kilometers in total for four days.

I thought I would have a crawlingly difficult time doing the 10 kilometers but surprisingly, my body took it all in stride and I was done in more than 2 hours on my first 10. I was targeting less than 2 hours for the 10 kilometers but the rain came so hard that some rainwater came in to our indoor running track. I ended up doing peep-see hop on rain puddles on my last half of the run. Still, I was happy with my accomplishment.

On my 2nd day for the next 10 kilometers, I brought Gatorade and had a heavy snack more than an hour before I did the activity. Again, I surprised myself because I finish the 10 kilometers in less than 2 hours. A good accomplishment for someone who thought that the running craze nowadays is for crazies (no offense meant but we know that runners battle with themselves when they run so...)

Anyway, I'm halfway to my target. Most of the participants were men so I kinda snicker with myself whenever I pass by the running men huffing and puffing while I was breezing through tehehehe! I have yet to relearn sprinting though but my target is to finish the 40 kilometers in 4 days with minimal injuries. So, slowly but surely am getting there.