Commercialized Kadayawan?

I never heard of Sinulog nor Ati-Atihan imposing fees for photo hobbyists and media practitioners covering the said festivals and they have been doing their festivals years before Davao City's Kadayawan. Still, nobody is stopping the festival organizers of Kadayawan, who are planning to impose fees for photo hobbyists who will cover the Indak-indak sa Kadalanan and floral float parades.

Kadayawan festival is already dubbed as the mother of festivals. People are coming in droves from all over the world to see and enjoy the festivities. Also, a photo congress is being scheduled in time for the festival and the fee imposition on the photo hobbyists is just going to be a damper on the anticipated fun. Sure, rules are needed to avoid confusion and mayhem while the the contests on street dancing and floral float parade are ongoing but have the organizers ever considered that a lot of people now take photos with DSLR's. How can they identify the ones who will be just taking photos of the festivals from the photo hobbyists? Does this mean that only photographers who paid the fees can have access to the contest area? What about the common tourists who would surely be there elbowing their way to get their best shots.

I have been talking to some friends who were excited about taking photos of the Kadayawan, now we are all wondering if we should ever get near the festivities or just watch them on TV.  Is Kadayawan getting commercialized with all these talks about fees and intellectual property rights? For goodness sake, somebody should think that this festival is being celebrated basically as a thanksgiving!