Denied US Visa Application

Two friends recently got disapproved of their US visa application. I was totally surprised by the outcome considering both are well-traveled and have all the means to finance their US trips should they have gotten the US visa. Both are also just planning for some rest and recreation in the US and definitely, will be coming back home to the Philippines. Their papers were complete, their intention to return to our country was clear and their finances were good so the disapproval  came out as quite illogical, ridiculous even.

Ironically, US economy needed the boost now from tourism and with the way US visa applications are getting disapproved without so much basis, one would think the US economy is really doing well. Filipinos are the ones who find traveling to US as part of their fondest dreams. Sure, there are people who overstayed illegally but what country or nationality do not have some illegals?

With the way US visa applications are getting evaluated and eventually disapproved nowadays, a Europe trip is a much better alternative. At least, one will know the reasons of disapproval contrary to just being subjected to the whim of a US embassy consul.