Am Home Again

Finally, am home. I've been traveling again. It was the second time that I took my mother traveling with me. So far, so good. There were times I forget that she's not as fast and strong as she used to be but I'm really proud that at her age, she is still active. We went to Iloilo, Kalibo and Boracay. We had fun. It was tiring considering the travel time from Iloilo to Caticlan (the jump off point for Boracay Island) took more than five hours on a Ceres bus.

Right now, the priority is to tackle the mountain-like laundry. Afterwards, it would be a mountain-like to-be-ironed clothes. So, I might not be able to update. I really need a massage right now but since there are still so many things to do, I might get the massage next week or next month tehehehe!