Tuesday Travels#7 Bicol Food

We went hiking up on the Lignon Hill Nature Park, Legazpi City on swelteringly hot day. It would have been an easy climb if it was not so damn hot but still, the view from the top was worth the buckets of sweat I had. On our way down, we saw a makeshift store by the roadside and saw these Bicol food.


Of course, any self-respecting Pinoy knows how the "buko" looks and tastes like.Quite a welcome relief from the torture of hiking in the middle of a hot day.


This one was their version of suman. It was not rice that was inside though but some rootcrops. It was delicious.


I forgot its name but it was also good.


Janelle said...

those are pili fruits in the bottom pic.

Mirage said...

The food I miss the most, pinoy! *sobs*

Mirage said...

opps I left the wrong link....

zoan said...

ang sasarap ehehe
mine is up here: http://stylishvoyager.com/2011/08/02/tuesday-travels-macau-bun/

Arlene said...

Isn't the Lomboy fruit? What's wrapped in there? Looks like binaki. I really hope i can visit Albay in the next Cebupac sale ^^

My entry is up, tes! It's good to hop in your blog again. ^^p

yuuki said...

wow, im from bikol and i miss the alipi (triangle food) made from kamoteng kahoy...i plan to post din bikol food next time...here's my entry to Tuesday Travels http://www.foodplacebadtrips.com/thai-som-tam/