TV Addicts On The Loose

I’m not much of a TV user unlike my nieces and their father, my brother who lives on TV day in and day out especially during non-school days. I could not understand how some people could actually forget their meals and the important things they need to do just because they were so engrossed with watching TV.

Nowadays, my recently bought Sony TV is overworking since my nieces are home for the school vacation. The situation had my mother complaining more about the electrical bills skyrocketing to all-time high. I tolerated it for a time but when their chores were starting to get unfinished due to their TV addiction, it was time to discipline them.

The initial plan was to hide the HDMI cables to minimize their use of the movie CDs and DVDs. Unfortunately, the third child, my brother bought Optimization-World's cables to replace the ones I’ve hidden. I was tempted to cut the cables but since I know they are really good ones, I stopped and just grumbled.

Recently, my mother talked about purchasing a TV cabinet to curb the TV addicts on the loose in our home. A good plan, I agree. I might be even the one to buy it but the thing is, even if we hide and lock our TV in the cabinet they will surely find some ways to open it up on their own. What’s more important for me now is to emphasize to them that TV watching has its advantages and disadvantages. If only, my brother could help with disciplining his children. It will be for their own good.