Mirror Accent At The Hotel

While taking photos at an event today, I started getting bored and looked around for more subjects for my photos. Then, I saw this chandelier and the mirror nearby. They really accented the room very well. It suddenly reminded me of the Leaning wall mirror that my mother wanted to buy for such a long time now to replace our old one.


Anyway, the event was well attended by a lot of the housing sector stakeholders. Both the private and the government sectors were well represented. The honorary guests were no less than the vice president of our country and our city mayor. Of course, the usual throng of politicians, their retinue of hangers-on and the press people were there. I was hoping that the event schedule was on time so I can start taking photos but I knew that the schedule was running late when I saw a lot of people milling around the venue. It was good thing that I saw some interesting subjects like the chandelier and the mirror that got me preoccupied for awhile.