Most Narcissistic Men In Asia

It used to be that only Filipino women lorded over the beauty parlors and spas. Nowadays, the beautifying field is leveling off on both sexes.

I got amused reading the article about Filipino men being the most narcissistic in Asia. The article had hit it right on the nail's head, so to speak. I knew of Filipino men who regularly go to the spa for facial, manicure, pedicure and hairstyling. I was even wondering if it's really the norm all over the world. Apparently, it is not so.

Interestingly, a lot of Filipino men expect their women to be just as vain too. No wonder beauty parlors and spas are sprouting everywhere.


kayni said...

this is very interesting.

betchai said...

LOL, i remember the days my older brother had to give me some money just for me to go to the parlor for he things my hair is messy and should get a haircut or what. then, my younger brother bought revlon set of make-up for me, haha! my brothers taught me that too much make-up is horrible, but little make up is classy! sadly, i could not live the lifestyle, i always end up lacking time to prioritize even little make up in my life :)

and no, my brothers are not gays, they probably just wanted their only sister to be a little bit vain, not tomboyish :)