More Bathroom Organizers

Having two teen-agers in the house can get things really missing and/or disorganized. Their one favorite place to do it is our bathroom. Whenever I get inside our bathroom, there was always something that was missing. God knows why but a shampoo bottle was found at the kitchen sink and another time, a face towel was found at the living room couch. I tried not to let the constant mess get into my nerves but there were times that I lost it. So, I bought a bath etagere last month to get that place organized.

But today, it was my mother’s turn to grumble. Her favorite towel has gone missing again. Later on, it was found in her bedroom cabinet after a lot of searching. I realized that it seems that I need to buy another bath étagère to accommodate our bathroom things. I do hope though that the teen-agers in the house will start to learn to put the things they took from the bathroom.