Ruby Tuesday#98 Canon's Shoot And Run

Traffic was gaining momentum as I tried to beat the deadline for registration to the Canon's Shoot and Run photo contest event at Abreeza mall. I had a few minutes left when I arrived but got lost among too many people gawking inside the newest mall of the city. Thankfully, I was able to beat the deadline in a heartbeat.

We were given one free t-shirt, Canon ID, and tickets for our free lunch and afternoon snack. 


There were three themes for the contest with an interval of one hour and a half for each theme. The rule was... One entry for each theme to be submitted before expiration of time limit. Photos were to be taken within the mall's area. A Canon digital camera for each theme's winner was given that day. At exactly 11:00 o'clock in the morning, Canon's Shoot and Run photo contest started.


There were about 75 photographer-participants and it was refreshing to see that a lot of the participants were actually kids and teens. A family of photographers! I was awed!


Winner or not, I had so much fun that day. I do hope there will be another photo contest someday soon.

This is my entry for:

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Carolyn said...

canon camera :-) so cool..im a nikon user but canon is also one of the best....pls visit My Ruby Tuesday

Avi said...

mao jud mam, dalaginding na jud! btw, grabe naman ang mga photoshoot and etc diha oi! it seems photography is a fad nowadays noh? got myself a dslr finally. pero nikon mam, still have to learn jud mao online classes ko karon. mas enjoy unta to ug diha sa pinas, daghan kaau interesting nga picturan. ibog jud ko anang mga outings ninyo b!