Ruby Tuesday#99 Ducati Motorcycle

This is the Ducati motorcycle that we used this weekend for a photoshoot. For awhile, our shoot stopped as we gaped over this powerful machine which for sure is way beyond my pay scale. It was my first time to see a Ducati motorcyle up close and out of the display room.

The Ducati store just opened its branch in our city just this year.


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Cafe au lait said...


I played too. My entries are here and here.

Yannie said...

wow!! Cool red motorcycle..

Happy RT..

My RT entry

kassidy's notes said...

when will i ever get to ride one of those?

happy RT.

Life Moto said...

beautiful machine.

Felisol said...

Excellent choice. You simply cannot outdo a Ducati.

GAGAY said...

hello po!!!

done adding this blog of yours sa 2 sites ko po.. Fishy Talks and Gagay.MD. yung Pinoy.MD po broken ang link..http://pinoy-md.com po inde po http://pinay-md.com


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