May 21 Is Not Judgment Day

Yes, I don't believe that May 21 is Judgment Day. I don't like seeing it on the news constantly nowadays. My nieces' worries are getting on my nerves already but I understand their apprehensions.

God knows, I'm praying that those news be stopped and more so, that their predictions have no truth at all. If some people are having parties because of the coming rapture day, fine. But for me, I'll treat the day as just another day. I won't let the harbingers of the end of the world win. Only God will know when will the world end. Sure, it's a scary thought but I know that it will come like a thief in the night. Not when some people claiming to be prophets or clairvoyants or scientists will be able to predict the exact date and time. So, the only we can do for the predicted May 21 Judgment Day is to pray. Pray hard and live.And gee, is there a way that news about zombie apocalypse be stopped?