Rin on the Rox Invited by Ellen Degeneres

I got intrigued with these two Fil-Am ladies that got invited by Ellen Degeneres to appear in her show. TV news in the Philippines picked it up and I saw it tonight. So, off to youtube I went and oh boy! It is no wonder they got invited. They are awesome!

The duo is called Rin on the Rox and here is one of the songs they did on youtube. This is my current favorite song from the Pussycat Dolls, I Hate This Part:

Another song that they did was inside the bathroom (why there? Because of the acoustics!). The song is entitled "If I Were A Boy" and another favorite of mine, it was originally by Beyonce. Here goes..


fortuitous faery said...

dami nang pinoy singers ang sumisikat sa youtube! laging si ellen nakakadiskubre, ha! :P

antigoni said...

WOW! Excellent voices!!!!!!!!!!