Reported Attack Site!

This morning, I was so ecstatic to know that my blog was voted as Journal of the week by Bravejournal. Yesterday, one of my posts in that blog was one of the featured snapshots at Weekend Snapshot. Tonight, I was shocked to see this while I was trying to access the said blog:

I tried accessing my friends' blogs in bravejournal and the same warning came up and the worry that it was only my blog dissipated. There seems to be something wrong with bravejournal. Plurkers have already took notice and am sure, google is doing some interested look.

As for me, I hope and pray that bravejournal will be able to fix this as soon as possible and the entire contents of all the blogs they are hosting will be left untouched.


Mojo said...

That's curious. I wonder if Bravejournal itself was what was actually reported and all the blogs they host are getting the fallout from it.